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timespace bridge 02 Space Time Transformation | Heroic Design

Although it may sound like something from a futuristic episode of “Heroes”, crossing this bridge won’t transport you to 17th century Japan or post-apocalyptic New York. The Space/Time Transformation is a stunning footbridge to be crafted from steel and glass. While aimed at pedestrians, the structure is anything but. The brainchild of internationally renowned artist and designer Michael Jantzen, the bridge is as functional as it is beautiful.

The first thing you’ll notice about this design concept is that it would be made of clear glass, allowing those on the walkway to see the terrain below. The outer shell would be made of “glass impregnated with translucent solar cells that form a graphic grid around its circumference”, which will not only provide shade but has the ability to convert sunlight to electricity. This energy will be used to illuminate the walkway at night as well as power movement of the outer shell, which responds to motion.

timespace bridge 01 Space Time Transformation | Heroic Design

The purpose of the segmented rings in the outer shell — which can move in different ways and at different speeds — is to “reveal the ever changing view of the surrounding landscape and at the same time produce an ever-changing shape shifting of the original cylindrical form”.

Wow, bring it on. Footbridges today are so obvious. In the future, we’ll need something a little more heroic.

See more of Michael Jantzen’s work here.

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