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Brendan Brazier Speaking on Capital Hill

Posted By Brendan Brazier On April 30, 2006 @ 8:16 pm In Green Report / Media | 1 Comment

Photographer: G Monkie (CC)

The congressional briefing on Capital Hill on Thursday was a great experience. The fact that members of congress were willing (and actually interested) to listen to us is a positive sign. As I spoke I saw many of them nodding their heads in agreement very encouraging. Picture’s to follow

Dr Neal Barnard of PCRM introduced the three speakers, Scott Jurek, T. Colin Campbell and me. Since this was a briefing we each had only five minutes to make our address.

Scott is an elite Ultra Marathoner who holds the record for the Western States 100 miler and the Badwater 135 miler. He spoke of how his performance significantly improved once he switched to a vegan diet.

T. Colin Campbell (author of the China Study) spoke of findings made when researching his book. Simply put, countries with less meat / dairy consumption have lower levels of disease.

Following is my talk. Not word for word, but the general idea:

“The cells that make up our bodies including the brain will no longer exist within about a year”. Blood, skin, muscles, even bones will have completely been replaced by new cells fabricated from what we eat between now and then. The better quality the building blocks, the stronger, more functional the building. Our physical and mental vitality is directly tied to the quality of food we use to construct and fuel our bodies.

Food builds people, people build America. We as a nation can only be as strong as our citizens.

Stronger more vibrant people are an economic benefit, they don’t depend on our costly over-stretched health care system, which is of course designed to help the sick, not prevent sickness from occurring in the first place that’s where proper diet comes in.

If we do not teach our children what foods to eat, someone else will try. That someone else is likely the food companies with huge marketing budgets that put quarterly profits before the health of our children, and therefore the long-term health of our country.

I’ve never had an interest in nutrition per say, but I’ve always had an interest in having the strength, energy and desire to do whatever I want, when I want. For that health and vitality are essential, so then too is nutrition as I discovered.

More often than not, more energy and better mental clarity translate into motivation. That’s the point at which greater opportunity for both individuals and society as a whole begins.

Personally, I’ve been able to improve my rate of recovery, immune function, endurance, strength, mental clarity and energy level on a high quality plant-based diet. I’ve been able to work harder and smarter as a result, therefore have more to offer society. This is what we need to foster. We need to provide education and health food options for the general public; it should not be available to only a privileged few but be as wide spread as possible. For the sake of the nation, health and vitality can’t be seen as a luxury. The economic benefits will more than pay for this programs implementation.

Each members of congress who attended received a copy of my book THRIVE: a guide to optimal health and performance through plant-based whole foods and a ‘snack pack’ of VEGA. I hope it helps

Right now I’m in Toronto preparing the Canadian 50km Ultra Marathon Championships, to he held on Saturday May 6th.

Details to come

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