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Spicy Cheesy Kale Chips Even A Monkie Can Love

Posted By V Ol Blak On September 21, 2011 @ 12:31 am In Full Recipe List,Recipes / Desserts,Recipes / Raw,The Ingredient: Cheese | 5 Comments

Photographer: V Blak (CC)

What do you think, time for a follow up to my Double Down Spicy Cashew Cheese post. I know, I am a one recipe skipping record kind of guy. This time, its Juli Novotny’s (kookie karma) famous spicy cheese kale chips. I made them the sameday I made the first patch of cheese, but I never got around to posting the photos or the how to instructions for the kale chips, so today is your lucky day or maybe not.

If you have never had a Kale Chip and think the whole idea of turning a green leafy lettuce into a chip is a bit odd, I am right there with you. The first time I heard about Kale Chips, I thought… what come on. A dried up leaf? But when I got my first bag of Juli’s chips, I was sold. WOW… I mean.. they were just great, but maybe they shouldn’t be called Chips. They are nothing like a corn or potato chip. They are more like a dried leaf or if you don’t fully dry them, they have a texture of a light jerky. Anyways… they are great in their own way. I would eat them any day over potato chips. Especially the cheesy version.

They are more like a dried leaf or if you don’t fully dry them, they have a texture of a light jerky

Now lets get into the how to make them part. The batch I made was enough for 8 people at a party or one hungry Monkie. The hungry monkie being me. I didn’t share any of them. In fact I ate them all within a day I think. I know… what a piggy monkie. But that is okay, it was my first batch and I earned the right to suck them all down and hey I live alone, so who am I going to share them with anyways? Basil the dog? I don’t think Cheese Kale Chips are something that should be on a dogs menu anyways. Carrots, definitely, heavy cashew cheese… hell no.

For this recipe you will need to make the Double Down Spicy Cashew Cheese before you start on the Kale. Follow the link to the recipe. Then follow the instructions below. Plus you will need a dehydrator or a really hot sunny location outside to sun dry thee chips. I am using a dehydrator by Excalibur. Oh and I have added step by step photos to the instructions after the jump, for all you Flesh Monkies out there who are completely new to this thing called Raw Foods. Lets get started… so exciting, right?

For the Cheesy Kale Chips

3 bunches of Organic Kale

1/2 cup of Organic Olive Oil

Celtic Sea Salt or sea salt of your choice

1 patch of Double Down Spicy Cashew Cheese

To begin with, don’t be a dirty monkie like me. Wash that kale in the sink or in some spring water. I am famous for just eating anything that comes from the farmers market, straight out of the bag and it never fails, everyone around me says… what a dirty monkie.. wash that stuff. Like a little dirt is going to hurt anyone. Anyways… if your sharing, wash it, trust me, it is not worth the grief you will get. I can still hear those words echoing in my head… “dirty monkie, bad dirty monkie”!

Then in a small bowl, pour in a little olive oil ( about a table spoon ) and a pinch of Celtic Sea Salt. If your looking at the photos above you can see I am a bit heavy with the salt. I use more like a fist of salt.

We are using the oil and salt as the first flavor coating for the chips. The idea is to give it a bit of salty chip flavoring before we move on to the cheese. Also, if you want to skip the cheese part, you could just oil and salt them and call it a day.

To cover the kale in the oil and salt, break the leafs up in to bit size chunks. The size of a large corn chip. Then take each piece and dip it into the oil / salt. Lightly coating it. Then place the newly oiled kale leaf on to the dehydrator tray.

Keep repeating the above steps. You will run out of oil and salt after 6 of so chunks of leaf that you dip in the bowl, so keep repeating the oil / salt steps. Pour in a little more oil and another dash of salt. Continue dipping leaves.

Now that all the leaves are oiled and salted, take your Cashew Cheese and lightly pour it over the leaves on the trays. I also poured some cheese in my hand and scrunched each leaf, making sure the cheese went deep into the leaf. What can I say, I love the cheese and wanted to make sure there was going to be a lot of cheese in each bite. Yes, I washed my hands, I am not that dirty of a monkie. Well, not all of the time.

Now place all your trays in the dehydrator for about 6 to 8 hours at 115 degrees. The timing will vary based on thickness of the cheese and the humidity. The best practice is to just keep checking them and doing a small taste test every few hours the first time you make them. When they are dry enough and taste great… stop the dehydrator and place all the chips in some zip lock bags or a glass storage containers. Or even better, just place them all in a huge bowl and take them out to the dinning room and dig in. I obviously chose the last option.

Remember, if you dry them too long, they will become very brittle and almost burnt like. So don’t over dry them and don’t turn up the heat too high. I would even say under dry them a little so they still have some flex to them. I like them that way. More jerky like than dried leaf like. The cheese will take longer to dry than the kale.

When they are dry, they should look like the beautiful bowl of Kale Chips below. Look at all those cheey chunks mmmmmm… Okay, I am feeling the itch now, I have to head to the kitchen and make another batch, damn you kale chips! I am so addicted. Chat with you guys later, after my fix! :)

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