Spinal Tap Auctions Global Warming Guitar

spinal tap live earth global warming guitar 005 Spinal Tap Auctions Global Warming Guitar

I love Spinal Tap. (The band, not the procedure.) And I was thrilled to see their rocking reunion at last year’s Live Earth concert. Apparently others were, too, because the Ernie Ball Music Man Global Warming guitar played during the show by Christopher Guest (or Nigel Tufnel, for you fans out there) just sold on eBay for a whopping $19,850.00.

spinal tap live earth global warming guitar 001 Spinal Tap Auctions Global Warming Guitar

The one-of-a-kind guitar, custom made for Guest, was designed to depict the crisis at hand, both visually and musically. Featuring a “laser engraved figured maple top depicting a flaming Earth Real snow globe with (an) Al Gore figurine” and a “white Corian fingerboard laser engraved with Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature scales”, the instrument accompanied the band as they performed their global warming-inspired single “Warmer Than Hell”.

The band’s efforts to benefit the world didn’t stop once they left the stage, however. All the money raised in the auction will go to the non-profit Casey Lee Ball Foundation, which benefits pediatric kidney research.

Spinal Tap. They’re hot and so is the planet.

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    @ValerieLora It all depends. Cutlure, music, tech, etc…

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    is diggin’ hard on The Sundays today. Perfect music for when there’s loads of work to be done.

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    What now?: Where do plans now stand to axe BBC 6 Music? http://url4.eu/3keUq

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