French Lingerie Label G=9.8. Takes Loving Trees To A Whole New Level

splinter free lingerie mya 02 French Lingerie Label G=9.8. Takes Loving Trees To A Whole New Level

Got wood? You will. Just as soon as you lay your eyes on the Mya lingerie collection by French label g=9.8. Designer Sophie Young’s line of exquisite bras and knickers are made naturally. No, really. They’re made from white pine tree prunings.

The wood, which comes from sustainably managed forests, is enzymically processed into fiber without the need for extra water. Add to that a touch of spandex for stretch and low impact dyes for color…et voila! The resulting fabric is as soft as silk with the feel of cashmere and coolness of linen. It’s anti-bacterial, bio-degradable and won’t lose its shape. Plus it’ll be shipped to you in a cute clutch made of recycled materials or purchased fair trade.

The entire production is based in a small French village (population 1,500), which supports local development, employment and utilizes local know-how. For those physics class truants out there, g=9.8 “represents the acceleration constant of Earth’s attraction”, so it’s about protecting the integrity of the planet.

The Mya collection currently offers bikini bras and boy shorts in red and blue, which emulates a high-end American Apparel vibe. Not your traditional lacy French knickers, but with wood chips as the raw materials we’re as far away from tradition as you can get.

g=9.8, guaranteed to get your mate aroused — organically, of course.

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