Fashion Preview | Debut of 108

fashion005 Fashion Preview | Debut of 108

Allison Lebross at Under the Canopy sent over some images of its new collectionof women’s wear called ‘108’ that debuts this spring. The name ‘108’ takes its inspiration from a sacred number representing a “road map to the human soul.” The collection has been designed using soft, sensual, sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, bamboo, soy, organic linen and organic linen.

fashion006 Fashion Preview | Debut of 108

A pioneer in eco-chic fashion since 1996, Under the Canopy was one of the first fashion labels to incorporate bamboo into its line of apparel. A medium-priced label featuring pieces made without pesticides, Under the Canopy’s simple, sophisticated look make for easy layering.

Sneak Peek via Fabulously Green

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