Staglin Family Makes “G” Wine

stagfamily wine Staglin Family Makes G Wine

I love the Staglin Family. Not just because they produce some of the best wine in the world, but they are honestly people to admire. The Staglins are a tight knit family of 4 who all share the same intense fascination for wine, amazing work ethic, and passion for travel and life. They do what they love and do it well!

Why is Staglin Family Wine Green? First of all, for the record, wine produced in the US cannot be Certified Organic if it contains sulfites. This is why many Organic wines don’t taste as good as their non-organic counterparts. Wines from Europe however can be considered Organic despite their sulfite content.

The Staglins grow their own grapes using Organic farming practices and actually make their wine on their private vineyard.

According to their web site:
“Our vineyard is organically certified, reflecting the sustainable farming we’ve practiced since 1990.

We consider biodiversity key to a healthy vineyard. Over the past 5 years, we’ve seeded and planted a variety of cross-pollinating plants, including over 300 olive trees, five kinds of clover, and half an acre of lavender, along with eight bee hives to help pollinate them. Sweet peas, native grasses, vetch, and mustard are growing in abundance, and we’ve spotted increasing numbersof bluebirds, dragonflies, and ladybugs. In the spring we mow and spade our cover crops into the soil, releasing nutrients while decomposing and creating warmth for the vines. Also, we have rehabilitated our creek with thousands of seedling native plants, each marked with its own small flag to track its growth.”You pay a high price for this high-quality wine but it’s worth every penny. Don’t believe me? Read what others are saying. Oh and did I mention, Christina Aguilera just got married on their vineyard?”

Remember, quality over quantity. Here I go again referencing my favorite principle, but when it comes to wine (or alcohol in general), it’s imperative. Drinking high-quality wine in moderation is good for the soul and healthy, too, but a lot of “cheap” wine at one time – that’s a different story.

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