Stella McCartney Cares About Your Skin

stella mccartney care 001 Stella McCartney Cares About Your Skin

Stella McCartney cares. No, really — she does. Stella cares for us so much that she decided to create her own 100% natural skincare line that doesn’t mince words. Care by Stella McCartney came about from the designer’s desire to have radiant, youthful looking skin without resorting to petrochemicals and silicone. This rock star’s daughter and internationally acclaimed fashion designer wanted rich, luxurious skincare products that would “sit proudly on her bathroom shelf”.

stella mccartney Stella McCartney Cares About Your Skin

The Toning Floral Water and Nourishing Elixir are both 100% organic. Other products — including 5 Benefits Moisturizing Cream, Purifying Foaming Cleanser, Gentle Cleansing Milk, Radiance & Youth Elixir and Calming & Soothing Elixir — all have 100% natural ingredients with over 50% of the formula coming from organic sources. Everything organic is ECO-CERT certified — plant extracts come from organic crops grown from soil that’s been prepared for a three-year period and there are no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers or genetically modified organisms. Fragrance is courtesy of organic essentials oils, and the sleek, chic packaging utilizes airless technology, which does the away with the need for chemical preservatives.

Big deal, you say. You bet it is. Studies have shown that organic compounds “have higher content of vitamin C, antioxidants, trace-elements and mineral salts, essential amino acids and essential fatty acids”.

So, if you care, enter Stella’s world and get designer looks for less.

stella mccartney care 003 Stella McCartney Cares About Your Skin

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