Stewart + Brown: Eco-Powerhouse

stewartbrown 01 Stewart + Brown: Eco Powerhouse

Founded in 2002, Karen Stewart and Howard Brown’s clothing line has become one of the main faces of the eco-movement. Right after the birth of their daughter Hazel, Karen’s experience as a painter and Howard’s graphic design talents were combined to create Stewart+Brown. “We wanted to prove to the world that you could be socially and environmentally responsible without compromising quality and style, and still be profitable,” Howard told me recently. Recently featured in Wired’s Green Issue, Plenty, and a favorite of the now-defunct Organic Style Magazine, S+B’s creations naturally garner attention.

Their latest collection for Fall/Winter 2006 features a fair amount of Mongolian cashmere. A fair trade program was set up with local artisans after a trip to the region. While giving the local herders a chance to have a steady income, they are still able to sustain their culture and customs. All of S+B’s items are made of either organic cotton or factory surplus fabrics, helping to close the production loop. If you are a fan of online shopping, you’ll have no problem tracking down these goodies. S+B’s website also lists a large number of brick and mortar stores where you can peruse to your heart’s content. As a person fan of this line, they have a very good grasp of the female form, showing it off demurely, all while keeping comfort in mind.

“We live and breathe this lifestyle and are doing everything possible within reason to work towards sustainability. We will continue to find new ways and improve upon our mission to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.”

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