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Fashion is a wasteful industry. This statement doesn’t refer to the rivers of champagne that flow backstage at runway shows or the cans of aerosol required to set the models hair; it mostly refers to the enormous amount of excess fabric that’s a seemingly inevitable by-product of the production process. Did you know that 15% of the material in cut and sew garments are tossed out?

London-based designer and graduate of the prestigious Saint Martin’s College, Mark Liu, has come up with innovative solution to this sartorial dilemma — an imaginative cutting process that thumbs its nose at waste. By cutting pieces from a single roll of fabric (like you would cut a jigsaw puzzle), Liu’s Stique line of cutting edge fashions generates zero waste. After all, says Liu, “wasted materials are bad for the environment and a loss in potential profits.”

stique zero waste fashion 02 Stique | Zero Waste Fashion

Now, you’d think a breakthrough like this would bring sewing machines worldwide to a standstill while designers re-think their methodology. And who knows, maybe one day it will. But so far, Liu’s company is in the minority.

But his achievements have certainly not gone unrecognized in the green fashion community. As pioneer of “eco-efficiency”, it’s fitting that Liu was chosen to show his Stique collection at London Fashion Week’s sustainable style showcase, Estethica. “Mark Liu’s work will soon be featured in the forthcoming book, Sustainable Fashion: Why Now by Fairchild Books”.

With his breaktakingly original eye and strong moral compass, we foresee great things from this talented young designer.

(via London Fashion Week and Inhabitat)

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