Strata | Spectacularly Salvaged

ryanfrank 02 Strata | Spectacularly Salvaged

If you told Ryan Frank that his Strata collection was garbage, he would probably smile proudly and nod.

This native South African has found a use for the battered redundant office furniture that East London apparently has an abundance of. He’s designed Strata, a beautiful set consisting of a chair, dining table, coffee table and stool. In order to create the unique look, Frank laces different woods together, so the collection is 60%-70% salvaged material and the rest is FSC-certified birch ply.

ryanfrank 03 Strata | Spectacularly Salvaged

As romantic as it would be, Frank doesn’t go around London picking desks up off of the street. He works closely with a charity and social organization called GreenWorks, who provides the material. Their goal is to show innovative ways that salvage materials can be used.

Frank’s recently been invited to a reception at Buckingham Palace by the master of the household. Maybe he can repurpose the crown jewels into a lamp that will nicely accessorize the Strata…

ryanfrank 04 Strata | Spectacularly Salvaged

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