Stroh Haus | Modern Day Straw House

strawhouse 01 Stroh Haus | Modern Day Straw House

When I think of a straw house, I imagine three little pigs and a nasty wolf. But of course, straw houses only exist in fairy tales, right?

Think again. Check out Felix Jerusalem’s Stroh Haus in Switzerland. This cool (and literally green) house is made from compressed straw bales that serve two distinct purposes: not only do they provide the building’s exterior surface (beneath a translucent siding), they serve as the structure’s soundproofing insulation.

strawhouse 02 Stroh Haus | Modern Day Straw House

strawhouse 03 Stroh Haus | Modern Day Straw House

The interior of the home is modern with an open floor plan that offers a good deal of space for entertaining or simply relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere. The windows and doors are large open sheets of glass, which allow for some nice natural light – and thus a savings on electricity bills. But my favorite feature of the house is its hanging fireplace.

While I love stumbling across designers who create environmentally responsible homes that are modern and appealing to forward-thinking homeowners, I’m at a loss for how practical this design actually is. With little or no information on its cost or how readily available compressed straw bales are, all I know for sure is that it’s got fantastic green curb appeal.

strawhouse 04 Stroh Haus | Modern Day Straw House

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