Stylish and Ethical: Beyond Skin Footwear

beyondskin001 Stylish and Ethical: Beyond Skin Footwear
Vegetarian, vegan, or just a humane fashionite; being stylish and ethical just got easier. UK’s Beyond Skin Footwear sells hand-made classic yet unique shoes for men and women, all from the best man-made materials. “Turning animal hides into leather is an energy intensive and polluting practice. The tanning process of leather is highly toxic and has a devastating environmental impact. Leather goes through an intensive chemical process which produces highly toxic industrial waste. In terms of disposal you’d think that leather products would be biodegradable, but the tanning agent renders it non biodegradable.” Featured on New York and London runways, Natalie Portman wore a pair of Beyond Skin heels to the Golden Globes last year, garnering oodles of positive fan fare from the press. Beyond Skin is committed to promoting a cruelty-free lifestyle and a percentage from every pair of shoes sold will go to a selection of ethical charities, which can be nominated via their website.

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