Summer’s Friday Style Tip – G Clean

summerfashion002 Summers Friday Style Tip   G Clean
The left coast is banning non G stuff left and right. Last week Santa Monica banned styrofoam, and just yesterday California banned the caustic dry cleaning chemical perchloroethylene (perc as they call it in the industry). Perc’s a nasty potential carcinogen that’s now found in 1 in 10 California wells – ick.

While the ban is good news to G fashionistas in Cali (yay!), it isn’t fully in effect until 2023 (shucks.). Here are a few tips to help sort out the dry cleaning conundrum and prolong the life of your G duds:

1. Check your tags. If it says dry cleaning, you prolly want to follow directions. It’s definitely not G to ruin clothing, especially when you’re forkin’ over the Benjamins for that hot Anna Cohen suit and dress shown above.

2. Prolong, prolong, prolong. Wear a cute organic cotton washable cami underneath and save your sassy sweater for another wear.

3. Spot off. Spot clean when you need to, or freshen up clothing between washes with Eco-Breeze.

4. When the time comes to bike over to your dry cleaners, pick a place sans perc – start here with green earth cleaners.

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