G Monkie Goes Shopping for a Bike SUV Wagon

wike bike trailer 02 G Monkie Goes Shopping for a Bike SUV Wagon

This is a story about how I found the perfect bike wagon for my Electric A2B Bike. The wagon is made by the Canadian company Wike.

Okay, look I am an American and even worse I grew up in Texas. I am not saying being an American or even a Texan is a bad thing, I am just saying growing up in the land of over sized egos and pickup trucks makes an impact.

The impact for me was a strange desire to never be without a vehicle which could haul anything, any time to anywhere! The one odd twist, was also the vehicle has to have some kind of style. That definitly isn’t a Texas thing, so I don’t know where that slipped in. Maybe because I also lived in Europe as a kid. Anyways, back to my SUV obsession.

Throughout my life I have owned different types of trucks and Jeeps, but as soon as I was financially able, I put on my running shoes and dashed over to the Land Rover dealer and bought my first Land Rover, a Discovery 2. A stylish but practical vehicle. I was in SUV, go anywhere with style heaven. Well, relative heaven, because I was also stuck in the middle of a massive city, working non-stop, so I wasn’t really going anywhere and as soon as the gas prices shot up to $9000 a gallon, my heaven was starting to look a little like hell. The truth is, for the most part, I only use the Land Rover to go to Whole Foods and farmers market once a week, really. So I guess that is a wee bit over kill.

wike bike trailer 01 G Monkie Goes Shopping for a Bike SUV Wagon

wike bike trailer 04 G Monkie Goes Shopping for a Bike SUV Wagon

So I decided this year would be different. I would do all my shopping, and other local task on the back of my new stylish Electric A2B bike. (I will post soon about the bike) But here is the problem, the A2B electric bike is no Land Rover. Yes, people run up to me everywhere I go and want to know what it is, so it has the style. It even has the heart of a Land Rover with its massive shocks, fat tires, and 800 watt motor, but it’s lacking the SUV type take anything, anywhere storage. For me, that is a deal breaker.

So my search began looking for the perfect bike cargo trailer/ mini Land Rover. A trailer which I could use to take anything, anywhere and do it in style. This is a tall order, because as I started looking around, I found out the bike trailer market has gone to the babies! Seriously those little things dominate the market. They demand bright primary colors, like Blue, Yellow, Red to stimulate their tiny minds I guess. They have no since of style or even understand how important the color black is.

Now that I figured out the trailer market for Non-Babies is pretty small, I narrowed in on the few companies which made trailers for bigger babies like me. Those companies are Croozer, Bobgear, Burley,Tonys trailersRadical Design Carry Freedom and Wike. I am sure I am missing a few, so feel free to post them in the comments below. All of them made some type type of enclosed bike cargo trailer, but all of them except Wike, seem to be targeting touring cyclist, and not the get stuff done around town cyclist.

When I discovered the Wike site, I wasn’t instantly sold. They too focus heavy on the tiny baby types, and don’t exactly understand style, but lucky for me, they also devote some product to people like me. The trailer that caught my eye is called the Wike Park Pioneer Landscaping Trailer. The target buyer seems to be gardeners or ground keepers. Which I have to admit, I thought was kind of and odd group to make a trailer for, but I didn’t care, it looked almost perfect. In the photo they showed just how big and tough it was. They packed it full with a lawnmower, shovels and rakes. They even had a little ramp build in to roll in the lawnmower.

After discovering this gem, I wasted no time, I quickly emailed the company asking them to make me one of their gardeners trailers. But I had a few request, before I sent them a check. I wanted mine fully enclosed so, I could haul my photo gear without anyone seeing what I had inside. Plus, I wanted to keep out the weather, so I needed to have a top that covered every. At first they where not too sure about enclosing it, but to my surprise, they not only fully enclosed it, they even let me choose a custom color top. Which if you know me, it had to be black. So, here it is the Wike, fully enclosed bike cargo trailer designed just for G Living.

Some of the cool features are:

Durable rust-proof aluminum construction.
Poly floor and sides.
High quality 20″ alloy wheels.
Bed size is 25″ x 44″ (large enough to carry a lawnmower and accessories).
Total carrying capacity of 150lbs.

The garden version has a rear drop down gate and racking for six long handled tools. Pretty cool.

The G Living bike trailer also has removable tires, plus two extra wheels to turn the trailer into a cart. This is great, once you remove the trailer for the bike. You can push your gear along, right into the building or where every you need the stuff inside the trailer.

The trailer is a little pricy ($599), but you have to consider the hauling capacity and quality. All the other trailers I found, where much much smaller and would never work to satisfy my SUV addiction.

I will post about all the trailer options out there in the next post. To check out the gardeners version of this trailer, checkout Wike’s site at wicycle.com.

wike bike trailer 03 G Monkie Goes Shopping for a Bike SUV Wagon

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