Introducing “Obsessed Organic Foodie” GreenChef Aria Alpert

aria alpert foodie actress Introducing Obsessed Organic Foodie GreenChef Aria AlpertPhotographer: Joan Allen

I love to cook. Am obsessed with food. I really am. I admit it. Always have been. Enthusiastically tried every healthy diet there is, fervently read cookbooks, food magazines, researching recipes online, love watching cooking shows, could spend all day in a supermarket, only purchase organic produce, religiously shop at the local farmers market, only like to support restaurants/chefs that use seasonal, local, organic food and will travel to an obscure gourmet food shop to purchase one ingredient. Some would say I’m a bit of a food snob. Well, I am. An organic food snob.

Choosing what to make is the hardest thing. Makes me crazy. My OCD perfectionism comes out in full swing. But once I do, in the kitchen I am in heaven. At peace. Happy. Creative. Expressive. I love it. I only cook healthy stuff. I forgot to mention that. Been into the healthy side of food for the past 10 years. Before that I was a whisky drinking, pill popping, baguette and Brie eating depressed young girl writing poetry and living in a warped dreamland of Hollywood thinking I was Dorothy Parker. You get the picture. It all came crashing down when I found out I was hypoglycemic. Oh yes and I had Candida. SO I did like any obsessive foodie does, I became fascinated with what I could and could not eat and got healthy. Through experimenting with different foods I began to make the connection between what I was eating and how it directly affected how I was feeling. I became a crazy food detective. The food and mood connection rocked my world. Yes I got a wee bit neurotic but you kinda have to in order to figure out what foods work with your body and what foods don’t. Through the process of elimination I slowly started to rebuild my body. My gut. My digestion. Myself. I started cookin’ my way into health! And if I was eating with some one and they got tired or their nose immediately became stuffed or they broke out in hives I knew it had to be from what they just put in their mouth. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Cameron Diaz, A Movie Star, A Model & The Hottest G Woman On The Planet

cameron diaz nude vogue cover 01 Cameron Diaz, A Movie Star, A Model & The Hottest G Woman On The Planet

Cameron Diaz is one of those Actresses, who just makes you feel happy. Maybe it’s because she always seems to be in the best mood. She lives in some magical happy place. I wish I could bottle her happiness and spray it on all the grumpy people of the world. Would that be great. So, you have to ask yourself, what makes this woman so happy? She isn’t married to Brad Pitt, she doesn’t have an Oscar and she isn’t married to Brad Pitt. Well, I think I now know the answer, she is living “G”! In the video above, she is on location in Palm Desert California, modeling for a new Vogue cover and she tells the camera guy, how green she really is. How she loves green fashion and her life. Check it out and if one of you out there, know Cameron, tell her to give us a call or email. We would love to make her a G Living cover girl. Are you reading this CAA?

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Jennifer Lopez Splinters Fans

jennifer lopez 01 Jennifer Lopez Splinters Fans

They call it a new way of selling music, but I’m not buying it. Gresso — the company that brought us the ever so tacky (and un-“G”) wood covered cell phone — is at it again. They’re distributing J.Lo’s new album, “Brave”, on a USB Flash drive made from African Blackwood — a type of tree that’s in jeopardy of being wiped out.

According to Wikipedia, African Blackwood trees are being harvested at an unsustainable rate. Apparently, it takes 60 years for these types of trees to mature. There are two organizations dedicated to conservation efforts. The Mpingo Conservation Project is working to raise awareness of the problem while the African Blackwood Conservation Project is tackling the problem one seed at a time by replanting the trees.

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Sarah Michelle Gellar Saves the World

saramichellegeller savingtheplanet Sarah Michelle Gellar Saves the World

If you thought Sarah Michelle Gellar stopped saving the world when “Buffy” went off the air, think again. She may not be fighting vampires anymore but, thanks to her involvement with CARE, a leading humanitarian organization, she’s doing her part to fight global poverty. As she told SELF magazine:

“…3 billion people in this world live on less than $2 a day. And 1 billion of those people live on less than $1… One of the greatest experiences in my life was also during one of the saddest times in my life. It was right after 9/11 on the ‘Buffy’ set. […W]e raised $60,000 to help buy Christmas presents for all the women and children who lost their husbands and partners in the [WTC]. And it was amazing to see on that little scale what difference we can make.”

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