Earthlings | A Film Which Makes Me A Witness To The Truth

I personally think its good to look the truth in the eye once in awhile. Re-setting my sense of direction. Grounding me in reality. This movie, Earthlings has always done that for me. It’s raw, beautiful, terrifying, sad, comprehensive, painful to watch, and always emotional.

It’s just a film, but its a film which makes me a witness of un-speakable crimes. Displaying before me the daily reality for billions of animals, which I am lucky enough (being human) not to have to experience for myself. It’s the raw truth staring at me, which is more than most of us can handle. We would rather look at the food on our plate as a product, a thing. We don’t wont to think of Veal as a baby calf tied to a crate. We just don’t. We rather pretend its just a product called veal, nothing more.

The average flesh monkie, like myself 13 years ago, doesn’t grow their own food, doesn’t shop at local farmers markets and could careless what a Chicken McNugget is really made of. Which brings me to my point. Watching a film like this is almost un-thinkable for most people. But here it is, living online, just one click away, just one click to see the truth. So, today I am posting the film on G Living, not to scare you or bash you, or even shame you. No, I am posting it here, just so you know, its out there and when your ready, when you think you can handle the reality of this world, the reality nature and the animals of this planet face and the reality of the part we all play in their suffering. You will know, you can reach out, click play and become a witness and then decide where you go from there.

earthlings joaquin phoenix shaun monson 01 Earthlings | A Film Which Makes Me A Witness To The Truth
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It’s About Time Someone Wrote A Book About Us! Thanking The Monkey

thankthemonkey 01 Its About Time Someone Wrote A Book About Us! Thanking The Monkey

Okay so the book really isn’t about the G Living Monkies or even about me the Monkie Dark Overlord, but it should be. I am the darkest, greenest, juice guzzling monkie on the planet. I need a little praise too. I am just joking, I would guzzle green juice if anyone praised me or not. I am just that kind of Monkie.

The book (Thanking The Monkey) is by author Karen Dawn and is described as a book about Rethinking The Way We Treat Animals. No, it’s not a scared straight kind of book, with night video images of lab animals with their brains attached to shock devices. I think its a lighter fun type of book, in the same vain as the Skinny Bitch Books by my friend Rory Freedman. Her books are still on the NYTimes Best Seller List, how cool is that! Now to be honest, I haven’t seen the book yet, I just stumbled across a video on Youtube, which I posted below. In the video all the people I know are in the video and they even used my photo of Darrell Hanna with the rescued calves from Animal Acres.

Soon, I will go out and get a copy of the book and report back what I think of it. But until I get one, here is the official book description from the publisher and if you get a copy before me, post your thoughts below!

thankthemonkey 02 Its About Time Someone Wrote A Book About Us! Thanking The Monkey

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A Real Life Whale Super Hero Hayden Panettiere

hayden whales 002 A Real Life Whale Super Hero Hayden Panettiere

Upon seeing a website called “Panettiere’s Closet”, I thought the young actress/activist was planning to make an announcement about her personal life. But according to my favorite news source, Star Magazine, it seems the “Heroes” hottie and Milo Ventimiglia are still going strong.

So, what exactly is in Hayden’s closet? Items she’s worn to award shows (and some still-wrapped items she hasn’t) that she’s selling to aid her “fight to raise awareness about the threats dolphins and other whales face worldwide.”

hayden whales 003 A Real Life Whale Super Hero Hayden Panettiere

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Animal Rights Special on National Geographic

Should animals have the same rights as humans? The National Geographic show Inside Base Camp presents the controversial proposition of animal rights. Guest include professor Steven Wise, the author of Drawing the Line: Science and the Case for Animal Rights.

From Wikipedia: Wise’s position on animal rights is that some animals, particularly primates, meet the criteria of legal personhood, and should therefore be awarded certain rights and protections. His criteria for personhood are that the animal must be able to desire things, to act in an intentional manner to acquire those things, and must have a sense of self i.e. the animals must know that s/he exists. Wise argues that chimpanzees, bonobos, elephants, parrots, dolphins, orangutans, and gorillas meet these criteria. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Does Cage-Free Equal the Good Life?

cage free3 gliving Does Cage Free Equal the Good Life?

When cage-free eggs first became as fundamental a part of my weekly shopping routine as Cheerios, I had just moved to New York’s East Village. Union Square featured an organic farmers market where a woman named Rosa sold nothing but cage-free eggs from her farm in Queens. (For those of you who don’t know – though few and far between, there actually are farms in Queens.) Judging from the amount of pride Rosa had in her product – and the fact that the lines for her eggs were often the longest in the market – I was able to surmise that, relatively speaking, these hens were living a good life.

Even after moving to Brooklyn, I remained Rosa’s loyal customer until my relocation to Los Angeles forced an end to my patronage. Those weeks I wasn’t able to make it because of rain, snow or my hectic schedule, I would make an effort to find cage-free eggs in the supermarket. Though more expensive, I was hooked on the quality as well as the taste.

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