MoMA | Pre-Fab Exhibition

moma prefab architecture exhibition 02 MoMA | Pre Fab Exhibition

If you’ve ever been curious about pre-fab housing, here’s your chance to get up close and personal with the latest and greatest in sustainable architecture. From July 20 to October 20, The Museum of Modern Art will showcase its “Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling” exhibition, where there will be an off-site installation on a scale you’ll have to see to believe.

moma prefab architecture exhibition 01 MoMA | Pre Fab Exhibition

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Loq-kit | The Prefab That Snaps

loq kit01 Loq kit | The Prefab That Snaps

Ever feel like the American dream is slipping away, especially in regards to home ownership? Not so long ago, it wasn’t beyond the realm of possibilities for a young twentysomething urbanite to own his or her home. But today? Forget about it. Especially if we’re talking about a green house.

But luckily for twentysomething urbanites, people are coming up with innovative solutions. Patrick Freet of PAF Architecture has tackled both the issue of “G” and affordability by creating Loq-kit, which recently won 2nd place in the C2C Home Competition. Freet says the solution is to focus on technology, not the old craft-based system. Although Loq-kits are not yet for sale, Freet has created an extensive web site to open a dialogue on the designs, green building and home ownership in general.

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