Johnathan Goodwin | Motorhead Messiah?

hi line suv green conversion 01 Johnathan Goodwin | Motorhead Messiah?

The American auto industry giants just took another big hit. This time it didn’t come from the latest Japanese or German invention that gets better mileage on a smaller engine; the hit comes from a guy in his garage in Witchita, Kansas: Johnathan Goodwin. He is making America’s biggest, hulking SUVs more efficient, less polluting, and beefier on the horsepower.

How’s he doing it? His latest project, according to fastcompany online, turns a jet turbine into a super-efficient battery charger – in a Hummer. The jet doesn’t drive the powertrain – sorry Batman fans – it chips in only when the “supercapacitor” batteries are running low. These batteries kick, providing over 600 horsepower (over 2 times the gas engine). Fuel efficiency? Burning biodiesel, it runs about 60 mpg. Goodwin also incorporates a hydrogen-injection system that cuts in half the already-decreased biodiesel exhaust, creating the meanest, greenest thing I’ve seen.

hi line suv green conversion 02 Johnathan Goodwin | Motorhead Messiah?

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