Prefab Austin Texas Annie Residence

annie residence austin texas 01 Prefab Austin Texas Annie Residence

If your a green hearted Monkie like me, the city of Austin is the only city in Texas to live in. That is if your actually already in Texas. Austin is a very green minded city surrounded a mob of land grabbing oil men. When the Austin community tried to protect their ground water and prevent sprawling developments, the Governor (George Bush) stripped them of their rights and gave a green light for developers. Those developers quickly exploded the population size and yes, ruined Barton Springs.

But things are not all doom and gloom. Austin is also the home of Mega Organic grocier, Whole Foods and the city is inching it’s way back to the green side. Here is a great example. The Annie Residence by the Bercy Chen Studio.

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Austin Architect Goes Really Really Old School With Rammed Earth

rammed earth house austin texas 01 Austin Architect Goes Really Really Old School With Rammed Earth

So, many of you might already know this, I am a product of the cow poking state of Texas. Yep, I know, it doesn’t seem possible, how could a good looking Twisted Green Juice Guzzling Black Monkie like me be from Texas? Well, I not from there, I was just trapped for a while. Most of my non-Monkie family still lives in Austin Texas, which just happens to be the greenest, most forward thinking city in that entire state. Austin is even the birth place of Whole Foods, how cool is that. So, when I saw this story about a green house made with Rammed Earth, in Austin, I had to post about it, even though it is not the type of place I would go for. It’s a very traditional designed home, and here at G Living we lean towards the sleeker modern side.

This 5000 sq. ft beast of a house is interesting because it uses one of the oldest building techniques know to man, Rammed Earth. Before humans ever figured out how to make concrete, they where using Rammed Earth, to build their cities, temples, and their high protective walls. By pounding a mixture of dirt, grass and clay between forms, ancient societies, build very efficient structures, which can stand for thousands of years. And since the rammed earth walls are so thick, they enable the buildings to maintain a steady temperature all year around.

rammed earth house austin texas 03 Austin Architect Goes Really Really Old School With Rammed Earth

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Texans Eating G | Plant-Based Restaurants in Austin

dhabajoy 01 Texans Eating G | Plant Based Restaurants in Austin

Looking for a happening city to visit but worried about having to stray from your healthy, ethical diet?

First, you worry too much. Second, check out Austin. The capital of Texas is the third fastest growing large city in the nation and was labeled MSN’s “Greenest City in America”. And what would America’s greenest city be without plant-based eateries that are as delicious as they are ethical?

“Watch out for the surprises,” one very helpful employee at Dhaba Joy said to me as I perused the vibrant bakery and coffee shop. Not sure what he meant by that, but I was nonetheless intrigued. Named from the Hindi term for eateries that serve local cuisine at convenient hours, Austin’s Dhaba Joy is quite the place, attached as it is to Toy Joy, a unique boutique teeming with modern, kitchsy remnants from your childhood.

But the food? Fabulous. The Oatscreme is soft-serve made entirely from oat flour, and it has a slightly nutty taste that goes well with their organic chocolate syrup. An awesome must-sample is the double Mocha Pushpa, made with their organic, 100% fair-trade coffee and organic chocolate syrup. The key ingredient is lavender-infused soymilk, which is made in-house. It lends a subtle fragrant puff of lavender that makes a next-sip automatic. And regardless of whether or not we allow ourselves to indulge, I think it’s fair to say most everyone likes chocolate chip cookies. About 4 inches or so in diameter and made with Dagoba organic chocolate, theirs are as good as the ones grandma used to make, only better because they’re made without eggs.

dhabajoy 02 Texans Eating G | Plant Based Restaurants in Austin

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