Monkie Lovin’ Moist Banana Bread by GreenChef Aria Alpert

banana bread moist aria alpert 05 Monkie Lovin Moist Banana Bread by GreenChef Aria AlpertPhotographer V Blak

T’was a yummy morning. T’was. The dawn a breakin’, the bird’s a flyin’, the dog a wagin’, the fire a crackin’, the very ripe bananas a smellin’…love was in the air…All the elements were in place for the inspiration and creation of this recipe. A recipe I would never make if I were not visiting a special someone. A special someone, who happens to love his bananas. Me, I can’t stand em’. I know. I am in the minority. But I never liked them. As a kid maybe. My mom, who never cooked anything except her occasional overly steamed vegetables, baked potatoes and chicken soup when I was sick (Sorry Ma!), would make me mashed bananas with sour cream and honey. I know. Sounds nasty but as I kid I would crave it. Haven’t touched it since though. Not sure if I could stomach it now. No idea why I liked that mush so much. But at the time, it was Eureka. Now, I am just not a banana gal. Well, not until this morning.

About 15 minutes after I popped this thang in the oven the house started smelling and feeling like a warm, cozy embrace…of, well, bananas.

I found myself and my taste buds unexpectedly excited to taste it. Unfortunately, his oven sucks and the temperature doesn’t ever stay consistent so the bread got burned along the edges and the bottom a wee bit charred. That is why I cut it up into these cute little individual bite size pieces. A handy trick I learned from the Queen Bee Martha Stewart. Cause let me tell you honey — this moist, delicious banana bread tastes divine. Wouldn’t wanna throw it away cause it didn’t come out perfect. Yep. Another reminder of how there is no such thing as perfection and how imperfection can be perfect…

banana bread moist aria alpert 01 Monkie Lovin Moist Banana Bread by GreenChef Aria Alpert

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Walnut Milk Banana Date Shake (Bite This)

Walnut Milk1Banana1Date1Shake 01 Walnut Milk Banana Date Shake (Bite This)Photographer V Blak

My Monkie loves his bananas. He practically eats one everyday. First thing in the morning, usually for his breakfast, along side his precious espresso. I know, not the best way to start the day. But, you see, Monkie immediately gets up and starts to work. Breakfast is not the first thing on his mind. But, being who I am and we are together, I think about it a lot. How important breakfast is to give my Monkie energy, as he starts his day. And thus, this banana loving shake was born… :)

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