Aésop Skin Care | Well-Being, External Beauty and Cardboard

aesop 01 Aésop Skin Care | Well Being, External Beauty and Cardboard

I may not be the most knowledgeable when it comes to skin care, but sometimes a lack of specifics can help illuminate something wonderfully unusual or unusually wonderful. Here’s what I know from a highly passive amount of attention: skin care is all about making you look younger. If you use this creme, it will help avoid wrinkles under the eyes. This lotion removes lines from your brow. It all seems rather gimmicky and non-proactive. Which is why Aésop caught my attention.

From a non-skin care consumer, it’s clear that their aim is more health-oriented than beauty based. Which makes sense. Obviously, beautiful skin contributes to a person’s overall radiance, but healthy skin should be the true goal, right? It is, according to Aésop, who believes “that well-being and external beauty are ultimately a result of a healthy diet, moderate exercise and consistent attention to, and protection of, the skin.”

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