What Everyone Girl Needs, Compostable Bedding, Your With Me Right?

looolo compostable pillows 01 What Everyone Girl Needs, Compostable Bedding, Your With Me Right?

It no longer cuts it just to have beautiful looking home bedding. Not since Montreal designer Janna Notkin set the bar at such dizzying ethical heights. Her exquisite range of cushions and blankets — the result of five years of research and development — are made from the finest sustainable fibers on the planet and — get this — will biodegrade in a composter in one year.

In a search effort that would put American Idol to shame, Notkin spent two years scouring the globe before deciding upon “Climatex Lifecycle yarns and felt from Switzerland (free of toxic chemicals and hazardous by-products), organic cotton and Kapok, a fibre from the Rainforest in Malaysia.” Development of the chemical-free dyes took another five, but it was well worth it for a designer who believes “good design must incorporate sustainability”. The truly beautifully and utterly unique knitted cushions come in an array of eye catching designs, while the waffle-weave blankets offer a great excuse to stay in bed all weekend.

It’s no wonder Looolo Textiles have been featured in “fashion-forward magazines like Lucky, Domino and Elle.”

And then there’s the name. Those of you skilled at cracking codes may have already deciphered that Looolo is a typographical representation of 100 percent — symbolizing their commitment to wholly organic design with a minimal environmental footprint. Although Looolo’s home wares boast biodegrade properties, you’d have to be 100 percent nuts to throw these cozy items away.

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Kaaya for the Home | Sustainable and Harmonious

kaaya home sustainable decor india Kaaya for the Home | Sustainable and Harmonious

As far as I’m concerned, you can never have enough drapes or curtains. Wait — aren’t drapes and curtains the same thing? By official definition, the answer seems to be yes. But a designer friend once told me that the difference from a design standpoint is that curtains go just below the window while drapes hang to the floor. Interesting bit of trivia. How about another one? Do you know the difference between envy and jealousy? Envy is a healthy feeling that arises when someone has something and you wish you had it, too. Jealousy is a mean-spirited emotion that comes when someone has something and you wish they didn’t have it. One is harmonious, the other is not. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Wildflower Organics | One-Stop Shopping for Your Home

home garden wildflower organics Wildflower Organics | One Stop Shopping for Your Home

I don’t believe in one-stop shopping. Only in America do we have these enormous superstores that not only carry every product imaginable but encourage you to spend your entire day there by offering disgusting fast food right there in the store to provide you with enough quick energy to keep you from dropping while you’re shopping.

Specialty stores have always been more my style. Especially when it comes to eco products for the home. While the big name home stores are making it easier for you to stylishly deck out your house without forsaking your responsibility to the planet, I’m always on the lookout for someplace where environmental friendliness is the norm. Where I can trust that I’m making a healthy purchase of quality.

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