G Monkie’s New A2B Electric Bike by Ultramotor

ultramotor a2b electric bike 01 G Monkies New A2B Electric Bike by Ultramotor

I am writing a full post about my new A2B Ultramotor electric bike later this week, but for now here are some images. I decked the bike out with tons of bags, lights and even a wagon. My idea is to use this as my main vehicle, and I am a SUV kind of guy, so this is my SUV electric bike.

My Bike is made by Ultramotor Wagon by Wike Wagon is a custom version of the garden wagon. This is my way of going green. Tons of photos after the jump.

ultramotor a2b electric bike 07 G Monkies New A2B Electric Bike by Ultramotor

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G Monkie Goes Shopping for a Bike SUV Wagon

wike bike trailer 02 G Monkie Goes Shopping for a Bike SUV Wagon

This is a story about how I found the perfect bike wagon for my Electric A2B Bike. The wagon is made by the Canadian company Wike.

Okay, look I am an American and even worse I grew up in Texas. I am not saying being an American or even a Texan is a bad thing, I am just saying growing up in the land of over sized egos and pickup trucks makes an impact.

The impact for me was a strange desire to never be without a vehicle which could haul anything, any time to anywhere! The one odd twist, was also the vehicle has to have some kind of style. That definitly isn’t a Texas thing, so I don’t know where that slipped in. Maybe because I also lived in Europe as a kid. Anyways, back to my SUV obsession.

Throughout my life I have owned different types of trucks and Jeeps, but as soon as I was financially able, I put on my running shoes and dashed over to the Land Rover dealer and bought my first Land Rover, a Discovery 2. A stylish but practical vehicle. I was in SUV, go anywhere with style heaven. Well, relative heaven, because I was also stuck in the middle of a massive city, working non-stop, so I wasn’t really going anywhere and as soon as the gas prices shot up to $9000 a gallon, my heaven was starting to look a little like hell. The truth is, for the most part, I only use the Land Rover to go to Whole Foods and farmers market once a week, really. So I guess that is a wee bit over kill.

wike bike trailer 01 G Monkie Goes Shopping for a Bike SUV Wagon

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Triobike: Three is the Magic Number

triobike 02 Triobike: Three is the Magic Number

How cool is mainland Europe’s Northern most country? Let me tell you. They’re so cool, they started the Dogme film movement. They’re so cool, they’re 83% Lutheran. They’re so cool, they can make bikes with a stroller attachment (which are admittedly not as crave worthy a concept as say a Balenciaga bag) into something super desirable. From the country that loves biking as much as they do open rye bread sandwiches, comes the triobike.

As the name suggests, Denmark’s uber stylish triobike comprises three main functions: a carrier bike; a bike; and pushchair (that’s stroller for you guys). Which adds up to an exciting new concept in transportation, especially for parents with a penchant for cycling. Here’s what sets it apart from other kid wheeling bikes. While a regular carrier bike is great when you have kids in it, once they’ve been dropped off why pedal harder than you have to? With the triobike, you drop the kids off to daycare/school/the mine (I’m kidding), leave the front carrier there and bicycle solo onto work. The trio also gives you the flexibility of having your spouse pick up the kids, simply fitting the carrier onto their bikes or walking home with the kids in the stroller.

triobike 01 Triobike: Three is the Magic Number

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