Vogue Magazine Presents The Chanel Bicycle, Because Coco Loved Sports

chanel bike 01 Vogue Magazine Presents The Chanel Bicycle, Because Coco Loved Sports

Despite my acute phobia of helmet hair, riding a bike suddenly seems like an attractive proposition… and I swear it has nothing to do with the new Chanel bicycle, which will be sold exclusively at Chanel boutiques next month. The eight-speed ergonomic bike is part of the luxury brand’s spring/summer 2008 collection and is an ode to Coco Chanel, who had a strong passion for sports.

In his 1996 book L’Allure de Chanel, Paul Morland quotes the legendary designer as claiming to have invented the female sport suit. Before that, she says, “They had very low waistlines, and were constrained at the hips, the legs, everywhere. By inventing the jersey, I liberated the body, I got rid of the waistline, I created a new silhouette.”

Now 11 years later, the company’s trying to do the same with the bike. Like the rest of Chanel’s line, the bicycle is destined to become an instant modern classic and a must-have for any socially conscious fashionista. It’s hand finished in refined black and of course is emblazoned with the obligatory double C logo. So what if it costs $12,400? Think of the all gasoline you’ll be saving and greenhouse gases you won’t be emitting. Well that is the the 2 hours your not jetting around the world in your private airplane, of course. Now, if only Chanel would design a bike helmet to match.(Spotted in Vogue Magazine)

q question interview Vogue Magazine Presents The Chanel Bicycle, Because Coco Loved SportsQuestion for the Monkies or Drones reading this, how many of you out there, would drop a cool $12k on a Chanel Bike? Why or why not? Is this a good investment maybe for a future auction?

chanel bike 02 Vogue Magazine Presents The Chanel Bicycle, Because Coco Loved Sports

Vélo Liberté Or The Paris Freedom Bike

paris freedom bike velo liberte 01 Vélo Liberté Or The Paris Freedom Bike

Chanel, Christian Dior, YSL, Givenchy, Lacroix, Ungaro. Window-shopping at the Place du Vendome this morning made me realize the French are a tour de force in the world of fashion. But with the US dollar at an abysmal low, it’s prohibitively expensive for Statesiders to purchase anything. The other big impediment….size. (We all know that French women are considerably more petite than their US counterparts). But fear not, you can have your vol-au-vont and eat too. Explore the city while whittling your waistline with “velib”.

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Triobike: Three is the Magic Number

triobike 02 Triobike: Three is the Magic Number

How cool is mainland Europe’s Northern most country? Let me tell you. They’re so cool, they started the Dogme film movement. They’re so cool, they’re 83% Lutheran. They’re so cool, they can make bikes with a stroller attachment (which are admittedly not as crave worthy a concept as say a Balenciaga bag) into something super desirable. From the country that loves biking as much as they do open rye bread sandwiches, comes the triobike.

As the name suggests, Denmark’s uber stylish triobike comprises three main functions: a carrier bike; a bike; and pushchair (that’s stroller for you guys). Which adds up to an exciting new concept in transportation, especially for parents with a penchant for cycling. Here’s what sets it apart from other kid wheeling bikes. While a regular carrier bike is great when you have kids in it, once they’ve been dropped off why pedal harder than you have to? With the triobike, you drop the kids off to daycare/school/the mine (I’m kidding), leave the front carrier there and bicycle solo onto work. The trio also gives you the flexibility of having your spouse pick up the kids, simply fitting the carrier onto their bikes or walking home with the kids in the stroller.

triobike 01 Triobike: Three is the Magic Number

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Kronan Bike | Classic Style Leaves Newer Technologies in the Dust

kronan bike giveaway Kronan Bike | Classic Style Leaves Newer Technologies in the Dust

Despite the many ingenious strides forward in harnessing solar and wind power for personal transportation, theres still no greener ride than your basic human-powered bicycle. Two wheels, a set of pedals and a place to sit is all you need to get from A to B. You don’t need a sail blowing in the breeze or photovoltaics soaking up the sun. If you can move your legs, you can travel — regardless of the weather or the rising cost of gasoline.

The chain driven bicycle has been around for almost 125 years. It existed long before the green movement and it will certainly outlive the gas/electric hybrid (and perhaps even our planet’s oil supply). How do I know this? Because there exists no other vehicular device that’s as simple to operate and has so many practical uses, from transportation to recreation to exercise. The bike keeps pedaling on as other technologies disappear in its dust. And while computers have gotten smaller (as their memories have gotten bigger), the bike has stayed relatively the same for the past hundred years. It’s classic. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s untouchable; it’s just that there’s no need to touch it. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Feeling Fat And Lazy? Do Something About It, May Is Bike Month!

bikemonth Feeling Fat And Lazy? Do Something About It, May Is Bike Month!

For those of us looking to find an excuse, any excuse, not to ride our bikes — too far, too hot, too many cars, helmet hair — spare a thought for our bicycled brethren, or “wheelmen”, of the late 1800s, who braved “rutted roads of gravel and dirt and faced antagonism from horsemen, wagon drivers, and pedestrians”. It’s a great opportunity to pay tribute to our two-wheeled predecessors of The League of American Bicyclists (who lobbied for paved roads, amongst other things) by partaking in Bike to Work week, running May 12-16, or for the more unfit/realistic among us, Bike to Work Day on May 16th. The Bike to Work efforts are part of The League of American Bicyclists broader Bike Month initiative. Their website offers 50 ways to inspire us all to ride bikes, ranging from the serious to, quite frankly, the rather silly. Suggestions include: riding with your child to school (good idea); planning a cycling vacation (sure); wearing spandex to your next board meeting (I think this one’s more of a deterrent); renting a classic bicycling movie (couch potatoes love the vicarious biking experience); and decorating a cake with a bicycle theme (surely this one is a cop out!). Maybe I’m being harsh. Or maybe the League just has a wicked sense of humor.

If you need more encouragement, here’re a few suggestions of my own. Riding a bike will help you: save money — with gas heading to whopping $4 a gallon, driving a car is expensive but riding a bike is free; lose weight — downing a caramel latte and a muffin on your morning motor vehicle commute adds calories, whereas a 30 minute bike ride burns 150 calories or more; and finally, saving the environment — forget your age or your shoe size, your carbon footprint is the figure du jour, and as peddle power generates no carbon emissions, you can feel good about planetary well-being.

As for me, I thankfully have an excuse. I’m working from home next week. True story.

(via the League of American Bicyclists and Inhabitat)

Scorpion FX Folding Bike

scorpion bike 01 Scorpion FX Folding Bike

Did you watch Transformers and feel left out of the action? Now you can do your own transforming with the Scorpion FX Folding Bike. Heck, you can even go ahead and refer to yourself as “Scorpion” if you’re really getting into character.

Let’s set the scene: You’re commuting to work in your Smart micro car. You see nothing but gridlock in front for miles on end. You see a sign that says “Park and Ride”. You park. You say, “Scorpion: Transform!” And 60 seconds later, without the use of tools or CG, you unfold your Scorpion FX Folding Bike, throw on your spandex, and wham! You’re not just parking, you’re riding.

Especially designed to fold up into the boot (that’s Euro for trunk) of a Smart micro car, the Scorpion is great not just for parking and riding, but also for parking your Scorpion under your desk for the day. The Scorpion is geared for long distance cyclists, employing the most sophisticated of components, including air-chamber rear shocks with adjustable hydraulic damping, a super-plush BodyLink seat, and a drivetrain almost completely covered, so you don’t even have to wear the spandex to assure your pants are clean when you get to work. (Though what self-respecting person calling himself “Scorpion” doesn’t wear spandex?)

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