BMW X6 | New Concept Old Technology

bmw x6 01 BMW X6 | New Concept Old Technology

Last year, BMW released its Concept X6 — and if you didn’t catch it, I’m not surprised. The “concept” is what BMW calls its “cross-over technology” – crossing over from SUV/SAV to a Sports Activity Coupe — basically a small station wagon with a higher clearance. While the cross-over has nothing to do with fuel technology, the X6 will be available in a hybrid and will unveil BMW’s Active Hybrid system.

The X6 should be available in 2009, so if BMW is your religion, this car might just be your next must-have.

But what’s the big deal? BMW is patting itself on the back for its “bold design” that mixes the utility of an SUV with the compact-ness of a coupe. They are touting the X6’s handling abilities – it reportedly handles like a sports car – and its style (it really looks good).

bmw x6 03 BMW X6 | New Concept Old Technology

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