The Times They Are A-Changin, Can You Feel It? Sinead O’Conner Can

Sinead OConnor bi polar The Times They Are A Changin, Can You Feel It? Sinead OConner Can

I never post lyrics from a songs, but this morning I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by the realization that the world at large hasn’t got a clue. We go on with our lives, thinking everything will stay the same, when in fact there is no constant, everything is forever changing. Sometimes for the betterment of some, but almost always to the degeneration of most. This is especially true for the environment and non-humans among us. I think Bob Dylan’s said it best in his song “The Times They Are A-Changin”.

Oh when oh when will the winds of change finally sweep in the end of pain. Oh when oh when will humans put down their chains and pick up their brains. Oh when oh when, will G Living be more than just a passing phase. Oh when oh when will our children learn compassion and love are more than lyrics on a page.

The video below is of Sinead O’Connor singing Bob Dylans song on the Late Late show in Ireland earlier this year. The first thing you will notice, is that she is almost un-reconizable. She has filled out just a bit, looking very Irish I must say and the baldness is a thing of the past. Maybe Britney Spears ruined it for her. With that said, I love Sinead and if you don’t have her Throw Down Your Arms album, go get it right now. It is a beautiful album.

On the show she also talks about her life long depression, her children and her issues with the Catholic Church. You know, their policy of protecting child molesting catholic priest. Come on Sinead, whats wrong with that?

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