Running Raw | Climb California – Aon Center Skyscraper Stair Race Los Angeles

In this episode of the Running Raw Project: Tim heads back to LA to compete in the 62 storey Climb California race up the Aon Center. The top stair climbers in the country were on hand for this challenging event and the message of a clean and simple diet was loud and clear. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Prefab Elements In The Baltazar Residence

baltazar residence 01 Prefab Elements In The Baltazar Residence

We are covering this house on G Living not because its the greenest building on the planet or anything, but because it the design elements, could be green. So, the ideas behind the building are very green and just might give you some ideas to put into your own future green pad.

The Baltazar Residence by Public Architects, is a small one story bungalow sat on a substandard lot between two nondescript condominiums. Within that small house lived a growing family with a modern aesthetic who wanted to take advantage of the ocean views their site offered while adding square footage. The house has a concrete base that rises out of the ground with a minimal amount of openings until the second story, where it turns into a steel frame with a glass window wall that offers a panoramic view out to the Pacific Ocean.

baltazar residence 02 Prefab Elements In The Baltazar Residence

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Schwarzenegger| Not So Green Governor?

schwarzenegger flying jet plane Schwarzenegger| Not So Green Governor?

“The time has come to stop looking back at the Kyoto Protocol,” California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said in September of last year (via Reuters). “The consequences of global climate change are so pressing … it doesn’t matter who was responsible for the past. What matters is who is answerable for the future. And that means all of us.”

Apparently that means all of us with the exception of some of us. An article in the Sacramento Bee tells us that the Governator flies back and forth from his office in Sacramento to his Los Angeles mansion “nearly every night” on his private jet. The fact that the cost of these Gulfstream journeys comes from his own pocket (at the cost of around $10,000 an hour) may be comforting to us Californians on a fiscal level, but the global consequences are another matter completely.

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