G Monkie Goes Shopping for a Bike SUV Wagon

wike bike trailer 02 G Monkie Goes Shopping for a Bike SUV Wagon

This is a story about how I found the perfect bike wagon for my Electric A2B Bike. The wagon is made by the Canadian company Wike.

Okay, look I am an American and even worse I grew up in Texas. I am not saying being an American or even a Texan is a bad thing, I am just saying growing up in the land of over sized egos and pickup trucks makes an impact.

The impact for me was a strange desire to never be without a vehicle which could haul anything, any time to anywhere! The one odd twist, was also the vehicle has to have some kind of style. That definitly isn’t a Texas thing, so I don’t know where that slipped in. Maybe because I also lived in Europe as a kid. Anyways, back to my SUV obsession.

Throughout my life I have owned different types of trucks and Jeeps, but as soon as I was financially able, I put on my running shoes and dashed over to the Land Rover dealer and bought my first Land Rover, a Discovery 2. A stylish but practical vehicle. I was in SUV, go anywhere with style heaven. Well, relative heaven, because I was also stuck in the middle of a massive city, working non-stop, so I wasn’t really going anywhere and as soon as the gas prices shot up to $9000 a gallon, my heaven was starting to look a little like hell. The truth is, for the most part, I only use the Land Rover to go to Whole Foods and farmers market once a week, really. So I guess that is a wee bit over kill.

wike bike trailer 01 G Monkie Goes Shopping for a Bike SUV Wagon

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