Cate Blanchett Begins Greenovation Project

cate blanchett Cate Blanchett Begins Greenovation Project

Let’s face it: the celebrities I admire the most are generally the ones I know the least about. Not sure if this says more about me or about them. Lindsay Lohan, for example? I know way more than I ever wanted to. Cate Blanchett? I know nothing about her except that she’s a chameleon-like actress who’s played everything from Elizabeth I to Bob Dylan.

Cate is amazing and Lindsay bugs me.

But I guess rules are made to be broken, because after accidentally reading about Cate in today’s Daily Telegraph, I like her even more. The Oscar winner and her husband just forked out $1.5 million plus to “greenovate” their $10 mansion in Sydney. According to the article, the project, overseen by Palm Beach-based Lesiuk Architects, includes greywater recycling, solar panels, energy saving lights and more.

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