Ellen DeGeneres Breaks Her Drone Fever | Interview With Katie Couric

0 Ellen DeGeneres Breaks Her Drone Fever | Interview With Katie Couric

I knew Ellen DeGeneres was a pretty cool woman and had broken down unbelievable barriers to become one of America’s most like celebrities. But I had no idea she had gone Vegan. She explains to Katie Couric, how she just couldn’t fool herself any longer. She loves animals and the industrial food system just doesn’t. She even drops our friends Rory’s book (skinny bitch) as one of the sources of why she chose to become a vegan.

Also, she talks about a film everyone should see called Earthlings (watch it now free). A beautiful produced documentary narrated by Joaquin Phoenix. I must warn you, this film will change your view of Flesh Monkies, and not in a good way. Unless you yourself are deeply infected with Drone Fever, that is. If you think you might be infected, look for someone young to watch the film with. Someone maybe under the age of 7, you know someone who hasn’t been infected yet. Checkout their emotional response and try to mimic it if you can. If you start to feel real emotions, then you may just be on the road to recovery! Congratulations to you and congratulations to Ellen. She has just now became my favorite American Gay Woman Celebrity. Good bye Lindsay Lohan, hello Ellen! You rule girl!

lohan has drone fever 01 Ellen DeGeneres Breaks Her Drone Fever | Interview With Katie Couric

The Real G! | EMA Awards Celebrate Entertainment’s Environmental Efforts

For those of you not fortunate enough to be on this year’s guest list (or able to pay $500 for a ticket) G Living will be your eyes and ears at this year’s 17th annual Environmental Media Awards (EMAs). We are taking G LIVING’s REAL G on location, couch and all. We will make sure Nobel Prize winner, Former Vice President Al Gore, and all his Hollywood friends get cozy on the G Living Couch and get real!

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Rachel Leigh Cook: She’s Really All That!

rachel leigh cook 01 Rachel Leigh Cook: She’s Really All That!

By Sarah Backhouse for Coco Eco Magazine, Photography by Rachel Schwarz, Styling by Michele Lianos, Make Up by Julianne Kaye, Hair by Tony at Photogenics

Young Hollywood is mostly synonymous with a bunch of vacuous brats who are “green” because Leo is or because their publicists told them to. So it was refreshing to meet actress Rachel Leigh Cook – a clever, candid and considered actress who had obviously given real thought to the threat of climate change. Fresh-faced, doe-eyed and skewing much younger than her almost 30 years, Rachel Leigh Cook reminded me of a young Winona Ryder. Eyes aside, what struck me most about Cook was her laid-back, unassuming attitude and oodles of patience, which unbeknownst to her, was soon to be tested.

Anyone who’s worked in production knows what it’s like when things don’t go according to plan. It’s annoying. As annoying as say a petroleum-fuelled blower within ear, nose and throat shot. The day of Rachel Leigh Cook’s cover shoot was just one of those days. Unforeseen construction on Malibu beach lead to a last minute change of location, which meant moving ten people, a ton of gear and what seemed like 75 cars, ten miles up the Pacific Coast Highway to stunningly remote beach location with zilch parking, zero restrooms and no cell phone reception. Add to that. mislaid gear, hell-ish school holiday traffic and some horribly lost crewmembers and you get the picture. Anyone with slightly diva-esque tendencies had already lost it. But this isn’t about me. To her credit, Cook remained calm and good-humored throughout. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Television Star Emily Deschanel (Bones) You Can’t Be Green and Eat Meat!

The Star of the hit show Bones on the Fox Network gets straight to the Green Point. Driving a hybrid and recycling are great, but they are a drop in the bucket compared to just stop eating meat. The impact of raising and killing billions of animals every year for the standard meat based diet is massive. Basically you could be a complete ass in every other aspect of your life, as long as changed to a vegan diet and you could consider your self a super green god. Pretty cool, right!

Here is Emily on her show Bones.

To help get you started on your vegan makeover, head over to our GreenChefs section. We have tons of amazing completely vegan recipes by some of the top GreenChefs on the planet. Also, checkout our GreenChefs Shows in the shows section. The chefs make the recipes for you in our GreenChefs kitchen here at G Living. See, this is going to be a piece of cake. You will be a super green vegan in no time. Don’t you feel special now? Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

New Green Dream Home Coming Soon To, You Guested It, Jennifer Aniston!

jennifer aniston john mayer julia roberts eco friendly dream home ocean New Green Dream Home Coming Soon To, You Guested It, Jennifer Aniston!

Not sure who’s influencing Jennifer Aniston these days — some claim it’s Julia Roberts, whose $30 million California mansion underwent an extensive greenovation. Others say it’s her squeeze du jour John Mayer, who wrote in his blog last year that he takes in “a laid-back, panic free approach to environmentalism… a side free from the cry of hypocrisy, for it doesn’t make Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Face of Froote | Dominika Wolski

froote jewlery 05 Face of Froote | Dominika Wolski

Polish born actress Dominika Wolski is the new face of ethical jewelry line Froote. With her lean physique and penchant for sports, the 28-year-old actress is often compared to Cameron Diaz and Uma Thurman. And she’s not a bad actress either. Wolski has been a mainstay of the West Coast Vancouver film scene since her big screen debut in 2001.

Wolski traveled to Mozambique on the request of director Ed Zwick, where she to visited the set of “Blood Diamond”. She later wrote on the Huffington Post, “My own choice to be a ‘face of Froote’ instead of other brands represented how much visiting the set of ‘Blood Diamond’ and learning the history of one aspect of a glamorous icon had influenced me.”

Dominika can be seen in the Canadian series jPod which premieres this month.

froote jewlery 06 Face of Froote | Dominika Wolski

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Coffee | Percolated Perks

celeb starbucks Coffee | Percolated Perks

Katie Holmes, the Olsen Twins, Ben Affleck, Britney Spears. These are just some of the svelte celebrities often papped with a Starbucks in their hand. They’re part of the 50 percent of Americans who enjoy a daily cup of coffee or two. After oil, it’s our nation’s primary lubricant. It wakes us up, fires our synapses and clears our olfactory senses. All good stuff. So why do some of us view coffee as a guilty pleasure? I personally have no idea.

It’s well documented that coffee can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, type two diabetes, cirrhosis of the liver, heart disease, gout and even tooth decay. Loaded with anti-oxidants, coffee also helps prevent “free radicals from forming cell damage” aka the big C. But now there’s also evidence that coffee can help you lose weight. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Sheryl Crow Keeps On Rocking In A Green World

sheryl crow living green Sheryl Crow Keeps On Rocking In A Green World

Sheryl Crow is one of those “celebrities” that I never tire of reading about. I use quotes around the c-word because Sheryl doesn’t really come across as a celebrity. She seems like a groovy chick that I could hang out with instead of someone who’s famous Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Al Gore Points Finger at the Press

al gore 001 Al Gore Points Finger at the Press

“In order to solve the climate crisis, we have to solve the democracy crisis,” said former Vice President Al Gore in a speech at the Technology, Entertainment and Design conference in Monterey, California.

I would tend to believe just about anything Al said and, according to a recent Wired article, Mr. Gore says that “68 percent of Americans now believed that human activity was responsible for global warming, and 69 percent believed the Earth was heating up in a significant way. But this, along with buying hybrids and installing solar panels, wasn’t enough Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

The Real G! At The EMA Awards

Celebrities packed the Green Carpet at the EMA’s and we where there to find out why!

Star’s we spoke with: Sopranos Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Reno 911’s Niecy Nash, Architect Philip Starck, Enttourage’s Constance Zimmer, Rules of Engagement’s Megyn Price, Live Earth Founder Kevin Wall, High School Musical’s Corbin Blue, House MD’s Lisa Edelstein, Actress Natasha Henstridge, Director / Writer Paul Haggis, Actor Ed Begley Jr., Incubus Guitarist Mike Einziger and more….

Woody Harrelson Helps Focus the Nation

0 Woody Harrelson Helps Focus the Nation

Woody Harrelson loves wild places. So he says in a compelling new video that supports the non-profit global warming educator, Focus the Nation. In addition to his other environmental efforts, Woody was kind enough to lend his name this short, which promotes the organization’s national teach-in, scheduled for January 31st. The project hopes to educate American teachers and students in the importance of climate control solutions.

Woody says:

“Americans get that Global Warming is real. And yet we are paralyzed, somehow buying the lie that we can’t do anything to stop it. Clean energy solutions — wind, solar, geothermal, biodiesel — can end our addiction to fossil fuels, stabilize the climate, create tens of millions of jobs, and lay the foundation for a just and sustainable future. Save half of the life of the planet.”

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Maggie Gyllenhaal Wants You To Seed A Dream

maggie gyllenhaal 01 Maggie Gyllenhaal Wants You To Seed A Dream

Maggie Gyllenhaal says “doing a lot doesn’t take a lot” in the opening of her video promo for Trickle Up, an organization with which she’s teamed up to help combat poverty this holiday season.

The actress invites you to make a $100 donation in the name of a loved one. The money, according to Trickle Up’s Seed A Dream website, will be someone’s “first steps out of poverty.” The loved one will receive a necklace designed by NY designer TENTHOUSANDTHINGS and a note explaining how your gift to them has been the betterment of someone’s life.

trickle up jewlery 01 Maggie Gyllenhaal Wants You To Seed A Dream

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