India Arie Parties with Raw Chocolate!

ari001 India Arie Parties with Raw Chocolate!

I keep hearing about these raw chocolate parties everywhere now. Now 3 time Grammy nominated artist, India Arie said at The Roots Pre-Grammy 2007 Jam that she just went to one too. I have yet to go to one, although they sound wonderful. I love chocolate! I wonder if everything they serve at these parties includes chocolate in it, including all the drinks and all the food and deserts. Chocolate Martini anyone? India also said that her entire diet is Organic. Lots of recipes in GreenChefs feature raw chocolate in them. You can buy raw cacao nibs (cocoa) or powder online or at Whole Foods Markets.

Here is a little bit of information online on cacao and raw chocolate:


Cacao As A Superfood
Cacao beans contain over 300 chemically identifiable compounds making it one of the most complex food substances on Earth!

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