Sarah Backhouse | Diet Revelations at Halfway Point

backhouse day15 01 Sarah Backhouse | Diet Revelations at Halfway Point

I’m proud to say I’ve reached the halfway point of my plant-based experiment. There’s a monastic quality to subsisting on a diet of organic fruits, vegetables, beans, grains, nuts and seeds that I must say I’m enjoying. I feel clean. I haven’t missed sushi (that much), I don’t miss eggs (in fact the smell of a hard-boiled egg is kind of repulsive to me right now) and yogurt I can happily do without.

And best of all, I’ve even managed to conquer a horrible habit that’s plagued me for years… chewing gum.

What is it with that stuff? Without realizing it, I had become a gum addict. The gum chewer — much like the cigarette smoker — have their favorite brand and they feel panicked without a packet nearby. True: I would feel slightly anxious if I left home without it, which seems insane, I know. Apart from looking like an idiot whilst chewing it, I’ve known for years that aspartame is a carcinogen – so, why did I continue to masticate this manmade toxin year after year? God knows. All I know is that aspartame has no part in my new pure diet. I’m eschewing the chewing. Forever.

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Sarah Backhouse | 30-Day G / Diet Experiment

sarahbackhouse gdiet 02 Sarah Backhouse | 30 Day G / Diet Experiment

I’m a pescatarian; I’ve not consumed meat for over 20 years — and with the exception of yogurt and the odd mouthful of ricotta cheese, I don’t do dairy. You know what this means? That I’m some sushi and a Yoplait away from a being a… vegan.

Ordinarily the “V” word is a no-go word at our modern, green lifestyle network. And I know why. “Vegan” just sounds scary — hardcore and militant, yet at the same time conjuring up images of sprouts, matted hair and bad hygiene. Or maybe that’s just me. Here at G Living we call everything Plant Based, because that is all Vegan really means.

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