Changing the World From the Bottom Up

green washing grass roots Changing the World From the Bottom Up

When it comes to saving the planet, are personal choices enough? Not according to Tom Crompton of BBC News’ Green Room. Small changes in personal behavior, according to his recent article, only serve to make us feel better about ourselves: “Unfortunately, as a response to problems of the scale that confront us, it seems that they are shot full of holes.”

What’s really needed, he says, are fundamental changes to modern society’s thirst for more stuff.

Crompton says even making choices to re-use old products rather than buy new ones — driving a car until it falls apart, for example — simply allow us to focus our spending power somewhere else. “If I save money by repairing my old car rather than buying a new one, I could spend the savings on cheap flights abroad. The net environmental impact will probably be negative.”

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