Green Zebra | Chicago’s Vegetarian Eatery

greenzebras chicago Green Zebra | Chicagos Vegetarian Eatery

I get excited whenever I’m in a new place and I learn there’s a green restaurant nearby. Being a vegetarian from Nashville, I’m accustomed to having to pre-think which restaurants will suit my dietary needs and still give my friends and family what they crave. Regardless of the city, it’s never any fun to have the orders go quickly around the table and then hold up the server for 10 minutes as I try to figure out if there’s a way to get spaghetti and meatballs without the meat or wheat. (But wheat’s a whole other story.)

So, when I hear about a restaurant with a focus on a vegetarian diet, I’m there. This time it was Chicago.

Long known for brats, beer and deep dish pizza, Chicago has also been leading the green way for many lifestyle choices. (There’s even a rickshaw taxi service!) This includes food as well. So, when my good friend, Nashville chef John Stephenson, and G Living’s Chicago-based chef, Vanessa Sherwood, recommended Green Zebra as one of their favorite vegetarian eateries, I just needed to know when and where. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Chicago | Rickshaw Me Away!

rickshawchicago01 Chicago | Rickshaw Me Away!

Looking for new green way to get around Chicago? Well, if your into fresh air and a relaxed pace, then you should try out the cities Rickshaw services. Okay your saying what the hell is a rickshaw, well your saying that if you have never traveled to places like India.

To tell you the truth, this is my first rickshaw experience in Chicago, and I was just a bit hesitent. But I was in Chicago among friends and my host for the night was G Living’s very own Green Chef Vanessa Sherwood. She hooked me and my friends up with a ride to theGreen Zebra restaurant, where we where all meeting up.

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