The Solar Precast Concrete Cabel Headquarters

cabel headquarters 04 The Solar Precast Concrete Cabel Headquarters

Just out the edge of the town of Empoli, the building is the Cabel headquarters (a company producing software systems for banks), it measures 4.500 square meters and it is sited inside the local industrial area.

Partially set into the ground, the building is composed of two extended floors out the ground level and a vault under. Along the main front the facade is protected by a long slice of public green.

The visitor arrives on the ground level through three suspended bridges launched on a large excavation which lights the vault designed to house expositions and art installations. Night time this empty space becomes a lighting pool which raises architecture from the ground.

cabel headquarters 02 The Solar Precast Concrete Cabel Headquarters

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Perrinepod House | Architecture Porn

perrinepod 01 Perrinepod House | Architecture Porn

Prefabs are quickly becoming my version of porn. If I’m not careful, I could spend all day cruising the internet, looking to be titillated the latest and sexiest designs. Each one has its own unique allure, its own enormous capacity for satisfaction.

Take the Perrinepod House. The 411 on this hottie claims it can be built in three days and that its heavy pre-cast, pre-stressed concrete walls can withstand tornadoes and earthquakes. Sufficiently teased by this claim, I look more closely and find that while the walls in most standard houses have an insulation R value of 1.9, the ones on this baby are a staggering 6.8. That’s the kind of statistic that could get a prefab junkie’s blood boiling. Not only does it provide sufficient shelter, it stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

perrinepod 02 Perrinepod House | Architecture Porn

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