Confession time

greenmonkey greenchefvanessasherwoodmakeschocolatemartinis283jpg 600x336 Confession time

I eat cheese. I drink beer, wine, and coffee. I hate carob and squash. Um, what else? Well loads really, but it will all come out in good time! There, I said it. The raw food gods haven’t struck me down, so I guess I’ll be ok.

So why the need to confess? I suppose because of the fact that I have a business centered on raw food (I am a raw foods personal chef in the Chicago area) I feel that I need to be a “perfect” raw foodist, whatever that may be. But you know what- no one is perfect and there is no one person who has all the answers about what’s good or bad for you. What works for one person, doesn’t necessarily work for another. I just hope that people can appreciate my non-fanatical view on things.

I can’t ever be 100% raw, nor do I strive to be. You know how when someone tells you that you can’t have something and then all you want is what you can’t have? That’s what happens to me when I try to be 100% raw. I just start obsessing about all the things that I can’t eat until I give in. Then comes the guilt. If you think about it, that’ crazy. That’s no way to live. That’s why diets don’t work. I don’t want what I eat to rule my entire life. That’s unhealthy. So I just do the best that I can while enjoying some of the best food ever. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

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