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Architect Michelle Kaufmann shows us what to do with all those wine bottle corks. Instead of tossing them, start saving them and some day in the distant future, you can make your very own cork door mat. This is a fun and simple project using about 200 corks. Yes, that sounds like a lot, but if you hit a few parties, I bet you will have enough in no time. If your really industrious, you can collect wine corks from your local restaurants. I bet they are definitely tossing them with the bottles.

Materials Needed: 200 wine cork stoppers, a piece of fabric or wood in the shape of the mat you want to make and some wood glue. Now glue the corks to the material. Once the glue has dried, cut away the extra material and you are done. That really is dirt simple. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Cork | It’s Not Just For Wine Anymore

cork floors 01 Cork | It’s Not Just For Wine Anymore

Most of us are familiar with cork. In fact, we put our trust in this product daily when pinning our grocery lists and reminder notes to cork bulletin boards, or when we cork our bottle of wine so that it stays fresh until the next time we get to enjoy it responsibly Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

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