Judita Wignall Raw in Costa Rica

judita rawin costa rica Judita Wignall Raw in Costa Rica

A couple weeks ago my husband and I headed to Mal Pais, Costa Rica for some fun in the sun. Our good friend and owner of Mary’s restaurant, a very popular seafood restaurant in Mal Pais, asked me if I wanted to come up with a raw food menu for a few nights. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity of creating a menu that utilized local ingredients but was still something special that no one else was doing in town.

Though there aren’t any exclusively raw food restaurants in the area there are a lot of vegans as well as raw options being offering at other eateries. I needed to reel the vegetarians in. My menu consisted of an appetizer of vegetable sushimaki made with coconut meat, avocado, carrots and cucumbers that came with bon bon sauce and sweet and spicy mango sauce. I also made hemp tabouli with zante currants and no-bean hummus. For my entrees, I made pistachio pesto pasta and beet ravioli with rosemary cashew cheese. For dessert, I made chocolate ganache with vanilla cream and a mango cheesecake. We put fliers up in the middle of town to lure the raw vegans and were surprised how many showed up to just to try out my offerings. It was so exciting! There’s talk now about coming back in January and February and making a nightly menu of raw specials. I’ll keep you posted!

rawjudita rawcostarica 02 Judita Wignall Raw in Costa Rica

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