Media Watch | Daryl Hannah Is Shaking Things Up and Getting Arrested

daryl hanna getting arrested 01 Media Watch | Daryl Hannah Is Shaking Things Up and Getting Arrested Photography by G Monkie

Looking at Daryl Hanna’s headlines as of late, you might get the impression she is just another Paris Hilton. Whoring herself out to green non-profits, looking for a few celebs willing to spend 5 minutes at green carpet events. Spewing green catch phrases such as, Hybrids are the cool way to go to save the planet and such. (Something Paris told us, as she drove off in her 90 ton suv hybrid, towing her Mercedes, wearing the latest in fox fur). Who does Daryl think she is fooling, right! Are you with me? Well if you are, you must be on some serious drugs or own a coal mine in West Virginia. Those good old Mountain Top Coal Mining bosses, in the heart of the West Virginia Coal Country want us all to believe Daryl Hanna is just another empty headed blonde celebrity, who needs to shut her mouth and stay out of their business. Lucky for us, she has a better idea. She is living her values, even if that means getting arrested in the process.

In a recent post on Huffingtonpost, Daryl Hanna writes about why she decided to fly to West Virginia just to get arrested.

Daryl Hanna: Why would I fly across the country on my own dime knowing I would most likely end up in jail in one of the poorest parts of America?

Well, have you ever heard of MTR?

Don’t feel bad, my friends are intelligent, well-read and informed people, but most of them had never heard of MTR (Mountain Top Removal) either.

So, I went to Coal River to help bring much needed attention to this hidden, criminal (but somehow legal) form of mining. I was honored to be joining an inspiringly brave group of concerned Americans, which included NASA climate scientist James Hansen who was among the first to sound the alarm on the climate crisis. The sharp, charismatic, 94 year old, former West Virginia U.S. Representative and Secretary of State Ken Hechler, who was the first congressman to introduce a Federal bill to abolish strip mining in 1971. (If passed the bill could have prevented this mess we find ourselves in.) And I was deeply moved to be arrested with those affected by MTR in Kentucky, and the many local residents fighting for their very lives, including a half dozen senior citizens, canes, walkers and all.

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Daryl Hannah | Life By Daryl aka A Love Life

daryl hannah 01 Daryl Hannah | Life By Daryl aka A Love Life

Photographer: G Monkie

Lets say you are one of the hottest most famous Monkies on this hunk of rock. You know all the other cool Monkies and you look good in an eye patch. What would you decide to do with your free time.

(A) Lay around all day on the deck of a Super Yacht, eating organic raw food, while sipping some chilled organic champaign.
(B) Date Billionaires to gain access to their fleet of helicopters, so you could island hop until you found the perfect beach with just the right amount of shade?
(C) Hang out with Paris Hilton, spending night after night looking at boy toy candy, as they endlessly tell you how amazing you are and ask stupid questions like, does it hurt when your tail grows?
(D) Spend your days promoting biofuels, living greener, getting arrested while trying to protect urban gardens, while making a show about it all, which no one pays you for.

Well, you can stop guessing and head over to to see what the hot, eye patch wearing, sword swinging Daryl Hannah actually does with her time. She calls it LOVE LIFE — a life replayed through a series of images, videos and a soundtrack. Daryl goes about living her life, meeting people, exposing the bad and the good and just simply experiencing a friendlier way of living. It’s kind of like a TV show without the writing staff, the crew or an ending.

So, why am I bringing this up now? Daryl has been hauling around her handycam for years, filming footage everywhere she goes for — why feature her now? Well, its because she’s taking the time to step out and lead others when she doesn’t have to. She’s willing to get way out there on the edge without a net and tell it as she sees it. She picks up her camera and shows us what life on this planet could be, if only we really wanted it.

So, for those reasons and more, I asked the G Living writing staff to do a profile on Daryl and bring us all up to speed on how cool this woman really is.

Forward writen by G Monkie

daryl hannah 02 Daryl Hannah | Life By Daryl aka A Love Life

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Daryl Hannah | Last Day To Bid on El Camino

darylhannah elcamino ebay 01 Daryl Hannah | Last Day To Bid on El Camino

I don’t get it. Daryl Hannah’s gotten so much publicity for driving a bad ass 1983 converted biodiesel El Camino in her bid to save the world from the evils of oil… why is she selling it on eBay?

She says on her site that, despite having seller’s remorse, her intention is to “spread the love”. Is she talking about the El Camino itself or the loving fact that it “hasn’t seen a lick of petroleum” in seven years? Is she planning on converting another car to biodiesel after she sells this one? (Better yet, is this part of a bigger plan to slowly better all of L.A.’s cars, one at a time, by buying, converting and then auctioning?)

darylhannah elcamino ebay 02 Daryl Hannah | Last Day To Bid on El Camino

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