GreenChef Juli {Kookie Karma} Wants Your “G” Family!

juli novotny puremamas 01 GreenChef Juli {Kookie Karma} Wants Your G Family!

Attention “G” Moms / Dads, Juli Novotny, one of our very own GreenChefs, is busy building her own “G” space on the internet called Puremamas. Her site is completely focuses on “G” children and families. Part her blog is focused on decor, where she features new families and their eco modern interior designs! You know, she basically is doing a mini dwell thing. Seeking out cool design ideas people put together as their families grow. Is your babies room vogue / dwell worthy? Great, Juli would love to see all your hard work.

If you would like your nursery, children’s room or play room to be a part of it, she’d LOVE to feature you. So much so, in fact that she will also send you free Kookie Karma (which are soooo good by the way) products if she uses your images and story on her blog. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Blazingly Brilliant: Hot Wall Ideas Heat up Eco Homes

wall design eco ideas 01 Blazingly Brilliant: Hot Wall Ideas Heat up Eco Homes

As great as winter is, one of the definite pitfalls is the inevitable amount of time that gets spent indoors. But with a few clever eco-friendly ideas, you can thwart cabin fever by keeping your walls visually interesting.

Recycled Cardboard Deer Trophy

To appease the hunter in you, opt for an interesting 100% recycled cardboard deer trophy. While not normally into heads of animals adorning my walls, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the artistic element they offer. The anomalous form that offers a shape but no features is strangely futuristic, and definitely a conversation starter.


Fast forward your thinking of time with an bare bones no fuss eco-friendly time keeper. This rubberized clock is made from bicycle chain ring, a tire rubber face, and a bicycle cog pendulum. The clever clock is the brainchild of cyclist Graham Bergh, who in 1991 used a flat tire tube to hang speakers – sparking ideas that continue to heat up new recycled creations. A few other creations, specifically the “Hybrid Wall Clock”, pairs recycled bicycle parts with reused computer hard drives.

Recycled Traffic Signs

Speed limits, stop signs and other warnings are easy to overlook in your daily drive, but when twisted around and recycled, make very eye-catching track stopping pieces. Ideas around reused signs include light switch plates, house numbers, holiday wreathes, hanging plates, coasters, trays, and more. Most of these pieces are created by metalsmith Boris Bally, whose work is featured at the New York’s Museum of Art and Design among other notable venues. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Canadian Shipping Container Home

Another Architect tries out using shipping containers as building blocks for new home construction. This one is in Victoria BC and the home uses both containers and traditional building technics in the construction. The cost of the home with upgraded appliances is coming in under $180 per sq ft, which the Architect says is good for that part of Canada and he expects the next few buildings he designs will come down in cost. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

London’s Container City Goes Mainstream with History Channel Feature

Shipping Container homes are really starting to go mainstream, when the History Channel jumps on the bandwagon. Here is a clip for the show Modern Marvels. The show features two projects we have covered here on G Living in the past. Container City in London and the Aussie Shack Container. The London project is the “G’er” of the two and is something we wouldn’t mind housing out studios in. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

The Modern Green HouseBoat Schwimmhaus

schwimmhaus house boat 01 The Modern Green HouseBoat Schwimmhaus

If your feeling a bit handy and are lucky enough to have a large body of water near you. You might want to tackle building your very own modern green houseboat after seeing the German designed Schwimmhaus.

A young design co-op founded by Flo Florian and Sascha Akkerman, designed and built the Schwimmhaus using salvaged wood from a farm house and other sustainable materials. The clean modern lines and the grass roof, make this a one of a kind house boat.

Checkout these amazing photos of this little modern floating dream cabin.

schwimmhaus house boat 02 The Modern Green HouseBoat Schwimmhaus

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Designer Mushrooms See The Light

mushroom led lamp 02 Designer Mushrooms See The Light

When you think of mushrooms, you think of dark, dank environments. I should know, as a child we grew some in our kitchen cupboard under the watchful eye of my mother. (Here’s a tip, kids: never complain of being bored, or there’s a chance you’ll be roped into “fun” experiments such as home mushroom cultivation.)

But now, a designer from Down Under has flipped this concept on its head. The mushroom floor lamp is the brainchild of Australian designer Simon Duff, whose innovative designs promise to illuminate any dark, dank environment. Embedded in the mushrooms gills are low wattage LED lights, which offer the user the ability to change color and intensify the light source. The good part is, not only can you create your own mood lighting, you’ll be doing so in an energy efficient way.

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A Green Future by Design | BBC In Depth Look At Designer Marc Newson

I believe we will all be living in a green world in the near future. The only real question is, how fast will we get there and what path will we take. If human history is any indication of the path, we are in for a messy ride. Humans tend to take the path of destruction and exhaustion, before moving on to better ideas. Take for example our use of fossil fuels. We will take that as far as we possibly can, before we really make a serious efforts to change the way the world produces energy. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Infact, there is a better way to inspire the billions of people on the planet to adapt quickly and painlessly to a green lifestyle. That path, is through design.

Good design inspires the human imagination and draws us in. We never question what an object is made of, as long as the design is to our liking. Take for example Apples new line of notebook computers. They focus on design, not cpu speeds. It’s all about the shape, and construction of the case, the tactile feel in your hands. Yet, this notebook is Apples greenest computer they have ever made.

In the early days of the green movement, we had the hemp sandals, tied dyed t-shirts and teepees. Now we have the Tesla Roadster, pre-fab modern architecture and designers like Marc Newson.

The BBC took a in depth look at Marc’s work and where it leading us all. Watch the full BBC show here, just after the jump. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Air Trees | Greening and Cooling Cities

airtree 01 Air Trees | Greening and Cooling Cities

Why is Europe so far ahead of the US in their re-thinking of urban environments? Maybe it’s because most of our cities grew up in the automobile era while Europe’s major cities have been around for millennia. But even that difference can’t explain why the best new green ideas come from Europe – take Madrid’s air tree for example.

The “tree” looks a bit goofy, like a giant glass hollow Slinkie. But don’t let its looks fool you. It’s designed to be a heat sink for major cities, providing cool places on ordinarily heat-absorbing stretches of pavement. It provides shade, and the air temperature differential creates a light breeze. It also provides free electricity to the grid (from an array of solar panels) and the real trees enclosed in the glass structure absorb CO2 and produce oxygen.

airtree 02 Air Trees | Greening and Cooling Cities

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Mater Design | Home Accessories With A Mix Of Social Responsibility

mater design Mater Design | Home Accessories With A Mix Of Social Responsibility

These days it’s not enough to furnish your house with exquisite designer furniture. If you really want keep up with Joneses, it’s got to be ethical, too. Luckily, design companies are cottoning on to consumer demand. Take for example Copenhagen-based Mater Design, which launched at the Maison et Object show in Paris in ‘06.

Mater successfully combines “exclusive home accessories and corporate social responsibility,” according to their website. Mater founder and CEO Henrik Marstrand says “For every one of the millions of products we use to improve the quality of our lives, there are associated environmental, ethical and social consequences. While some products have a small environmental bearing, others consume finite resources in vast quantities and are produced under abusive labour conditions and cause environmental damage.” Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Living Green | G Living Checks Out Wallpaper Mag

wallpaper november2007 01 Living Green | G Living Checks Out Wallpaper Mag

Green, sustainable, organic. These words are no longer relegated to the lunatic fringe or the farmers markets. Each month, more and more mainstream (and edgy) publications are featuring socially conscious and eco-savvy stories. But how can you keep abreast of them all?

Luckily for you, G Living is on top of it. You may not have the time or the inclination to trawl through glossy magazines, ogling gorgeous organic fashions, alternative transportation or stunning off-the-grid architecture every month. But we live for this stuff. And we’ll begin our commitment to magazine green with one of our favorites – Wallpaper.

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The Turbine Wind Tunnel Bridge

wind bridge 01 The Turbine Wind Tunnel Bridge

Why did the chicken cross the wind tunnel footbridge? Because the steel and aluminum structure was so eye-catching he was drawn to it like a whale to water? Or because the electronic noises made by the wind turning the five enormous wheels reminded him of his favorite Wii adventure? Or because the energy created and stored by the wheels made him feel off-the-grid and sexy?

All that and more.

At first glance it looks like some sort of daunting, possibly life-ending Star Wars-ian trash compactor. But Michael Jantzen’s steel and aluminum wind tunnel bridge — an architectural attraction designed to create attention in public venues — does more than get you to the other side. It uses natural wind energy to turn the five wheels (three going one way, two going the other) that creates sound as you make your way across. It also produces and stores energy for future use the way a windmill does.

wind bridge 02 The Turbine Wind Tunnel Bridge

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Y Water | Nutrient Rich / Y not?

y water 002 Y Water |  Nutrient Rich / Y not?

If you’re a thirsty design fanatic, I have just the thing for you. Y water is a new organic, nutrient-rich low calorie beverage with its HQ just a stone’s throw from G Living in increasingly verde Venice Beach. Aimed specifically at children, Y water is also guaranteed to unleash the big kid in you Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

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