What A Long Strange Trip It Has Been / My Detox

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I chose this pic because it made me happy today when coming across it by accident. some girl took the photo and posted it online. i often forget i make kookies?

Where do I begin? These past few months have been so interesting from a detox perspective. I have been going through some seriously crazy health milestones. My body is changing. My mind is transforming. I’m finding MYSELF again. I’m talking my 24 year old self. The girl I was back when I started my business. You know those days, when you feel like you’re on top of the world and like you can do ANYTHING as long as you put your mind to it. You work and work and don’t stop, just because you’re passionate?

I lost that for awhile. I think partly due to my pregnancy, birth of my firstborn and knowledge of being pregnant again with my second only 3 months later.

Life was so hard and stressful. My diet was OK, but not as powerful as it is these days. I was sort of homebound and unable to get out much so work suffered which made things even more difficult.

Then, 9 months later, things only got worse healthwise and mentally.

I was suffering from some serious sleep deprivation induced postpardum issues. I had terrible anxiety. Nervousness. Mild depression. Being stressed with my business and faced with a newborn plus a 1 year old at home was just beyond my comprehension. And without much family to help out, it was almost too much for me to withstand.

kookie karma detox What A Long Strange Trip It Has Been / My Detox
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Part One | My Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse

rawjudita herb colon cleanse 01 Part One | My Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse

Day One

I feel a little apprehensive talking about my colon but I know so many of you out there are curious about cleanses and detoxes. I’ve done this particular cleanse four times in the past two years (once every 6 months). It’s a five day liquid fast kit that you can purchase online at blessedherbs.com for $89.50. The kit includes 30 packets of the Toxin Absorber which is a psyllium husk/bentonite clay/apple pectin/herbal formula you mix with apple juice and drink five times a day. The psyllium husks act as a broom to sweep debris from your intestines while the bentonite clay draws out toxins (sort of like a facial clay mask but for your GI system). You can enjoy fruit and vegetable juices in between the apple juice concoction and best to obstain from all solid foods. I’ve done different juice fasts in the past including the Master Cleanse for 14 days and enjoy this one the most. The fiber drink helps take the edge off my hunger and the ‘results’ you see in the bathroom are, well, satisfying. It’s a very thorough spring cleaning to say the least. The kit also comes with a jar of Digestive Stimulator pills that help gently move things along.

rawjudita herb colon cleanse 03 Part One | My Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse

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A Healthy Body | Spring Cleaning

fitness model 01 A Healthy Body | Spring Cleaning

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If you live in a country that has four seasons, you have probably realized that your body goes through major changes during these transitions. In winter you probably crave more fatty foods and in spring you probably crave lighter foods such as salads and fruits. During this change, a reduced intake of fats alters the body metabolism and allows the cleansing organs like the liver and the kidneys to do their job. When you eat less, these cleansing organs are able to perform their cleansing tasks very well due to a decrease in the consumption of fats and the organs are free to flush out the harmful toxins like pharmaceutical residues, pesticides and preservatives from our body. A non-detoxified fatter body is prone to constipation, anemia, diarrhea, depression, hormonal imbalances and the worst of them all: a weak immune system.

A detoxified body is free from harmful toxins and leads to fat-burning and a reduction in the body weight which is a prerequisite for a healthier and a longer life. Winter is a season of laziness and slumber, spring is the time when nature becomes active. Therefore, it is also a time for the body to become more dynamic and expel the accumulated waste. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

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