Does Leonardo DiCaprio Pee Green?

leonardo dicaprio toilet 01 Does Leonardo DiCaprio Pee Green?

I don’t think anyone could contest Leo DiCaprio’s devotion to environmental causes. But I reckon even the most dedicated have to choose luxury over sensibility once in awhile.

Take Leo’s new toilet. Casa Sugar reported that the Titanic star is currently in the midst of a major home greenovation and has “installed a $3,200 Toto toilet, which is fully loaded with a seat warmer, automatic flusher, and remote control.” (Just what exactly the remote controls is not mentioned.) But the best feature in my opinion is the toilet seat that evidently senses the gender of the person approaching (and what their particular needs are) and automatically flips up to accommodate them.

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Green Resort

dicaprio island Leonardo DiCaprios Green Resort

Good news, travelers! Leonardo DiCaprio has bought an island and you’re all invited… if you have the money to go.

So, along with whatever supermodel he’s dating this week, I think it’s safe to say Leo officially has everything. I’ll bet he’s fun to shop for.

You may be asking yourself what a celebrity needs with 104 acre piece of beachfront property off the coast of Belize (and I’m happy to report it’s not for a sequel to “The Beach”). Well, Leo – known environmentalist – is teaming up with Four Seasons to create a green resort. Hammers and nails should starting flying sometime in 2008.

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