Nurai Island | Share and Share Alike

nurai island dror 02 Nurai Island | Share and Share Alike

Everyone knows its de rigeur amongst the really rich to purchase their own private islands. From Johnny Depp’s island in the Bahamas to Mel Gibson’s Mago Island in Fiji, David Copperfield’s magical Musha Cay to the British Virgin Islands owned by Richard Branson, these big spenders can relax knowing their beachside antics won’t appear in next week’s US Weekly. But don’t think Robb Report jetset don’t have a conscience, rumor has it they are now considering sharing an island. How very socially responsible.

Nurai Island is located northeast of Abu Dhabi, the second largest city in the United Arab Emirates. The island promises to be the travel destination for the rich and famous with the construction of “a boutique luxury hotel resort with 60 suites, 31 beachfront estates and 36 water villas”. Speaking of the latter, “the multi-storey water villas alone will span 515 square meters each, and comprise three bedrooms, four bathrooms, a private rooftop garden with spa pool, private infinity pool, multiple decks, outdoor barbeque area, gourmet kitchen and concealed service quarters”.

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Aluminum House | Japan Going Shiny Green

aluminum house atelier tekuto 01 Aluminum House |  Japan Going Shiny Green

I like aluminum – or aluminium, depending on which side of the ocean you live on – especially the 12-ounce variety. I also live near an aluminum plant and I know how much electricity is needed to extract the metal from the ore. So, when I heard that some folks in Japan were going to start building homes with aluminum, I was skeptical.

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Viesso Nini | Comfortable and Customizable

viesso natural latex bed 002 Viesso Nini | Comfortable and Customizable

I bought a new bed in December, and up until today I’ve been very happy with it. What happened today? It didn’t break into a million pieces or anything (though for a second I secretly wished it would).

Today I discovered that Viesso makes beds and natural latex mattresses.

Viesso is an L.A.-based furniture company with incredible, forward thinking designs. Their pieces achieve the perfect balance of hip and classy. Beautifully modern. And comfortable. We have a Viesso couch in the G Living studio, which provides the perfect place for a quick afternoon nap.

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