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re run Matt and Nat | The Bag Alternative You Want

If you’ve been following my columns (I won’t mention you three by name here), you’re aware of the roadblocks I’ve faced in my effort to embrace a completely “G” Lifestyle. In the realm of fashion, my frustration can be summed up in two words and a particle: bags and shoes. To speak frankly, giving up leather in exchange for PVC just isn’t an attractive proposition.

I want to want these new green creations in the same way I covet a Gary Harvey dress or Elsom jeans or an Arcona oxygen therapy facial.

matt nat metal Matt and Nat | The Bag Alternative You Want

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Lara Miller | Chicago Chic

lara miller Lara Miller | Chicago Chic

Don’t blow off Chicago when it comes green fashion. Thanks to her versatile ethical designs, Lara Miller has been named the Windy City’s “Best Indie Designer”. If you’re already a Miller fan, you’ll be familiar with her trademark “flip” garments like the Jasmine sweater made from 100% hand-loomed bamboo which “can be worn three entirely unique ways: as a cowl neck top, a pullover with an attached capelet or even as a long dress”.

Not only it is imaginative and original, but by buying one, you’re exercising your right to sustainability.

Inspired by architecture, the backbone of Miller’s designs is geometry. Once donned, each angular line caresses the curves of a woman’s body. The line can be twisted, wrapped and flipped upside down to reveal a totally new garment. Organic shapes are grounded by classic pieces with precise fit, which together to create smart, clean sophistication.

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G Style Rocks L.A. Fashion Week

la fashionweek 02 G Style Rocks L.A. Fashion Week

Twice a year the fashion industry hosts one of its biggest and most important events Fashion Week. And Los Angeles, a city known for its red carpet celebrities dressed in designer duds, is vying for recognition among the top fashion cities of the world.

A week-long event that allows fashion houses and designers to showcase their latest collections, the events feature runway shows and often incorporate musicians, celebrity guests, charity events and high profile parties. Held in the fashion capitals of the world — Paris, London, Milan, New York and (now Los Angeles) – Fashion Week draws not only fashion professionals, but press, celebrities, members of the entertainment industry and fashionistas alike.

For me, the best part about LA Fashion week this year was the increasing trend toward highlighting green designers and giving back to the Earth and the local community. In addition to L.A.-based Petro Zillia’s bright sassy dresses, Nicky Hilton’s casual Chick line and chic “modern art” inspired dresses by Sue Wong, the event debuted eco-friendly lines Ecoganik and Evidence of Evolution and highlighted other designers making a move toward sustainable fabric choices.

la fashionweek 01 G Style Rocks L.A. Fashion Week

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The Hottest Material in Organic Clothing

wearingbamboo1 gliving The Hottest Material in Organic Clothing

When I heard bamboo was the hottest material in natural organic clothing, I had difficulty imagining what it would feel like. I have a bamboo walking stick, bamboo patio furniture, and a friend just put in a bamboo floor – but I just couldn’t imagine wearing it. Then I met a designer from a bamboo clothing manufacturing company. She assured me that if I tried it out, I’d be hooked. So, I tried it out, and she was right. I’m hooked.

Bamboo is a soft, light, comfortable fabric with many unique qualities. There have been those times when my bamboo T-shirt has become my nightshirt, my get-up-in-the-morning-and-jog-shirt (along with my bamboo/hemp blend drawstring pants) and then my off-to-run-errands shirt. Fortunately, most days I have the ‘wear-withal’ to put on my bamboo/organic cotton blend tank top and matching shorts before heading out for the day. In the nighttime I slip into the bamboo/cashmere slinky dress and it’s out dancing I go.

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Inside the Designer+Agents Show

danda Inside the Designer+Agents Show
The Designers & Agents Show is always an exciting time in the fashion industry. Over 1,000 handpicked fashion designers show their latest cutting edge clothing in three locales: London, New York, and Los Angeles. As a West Coast-based boutique owner focused exclusively on “G” fashion, I go every year to peruse the latest and greatest–but have rarely found anything beyond conventionally-made clothing.

But not this year fashionable friends…D & A finally had its own G section! Affirming once again that choosing items for their environmental impact is not only good for the planet, it’s now en vogue.

danda2 Inside the Designer+Agents Show
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