Manhattan Beach Eco-Dream Pad

kuhlhaus01 01 Manhattan Beach Eco Dream Pad

Los Angeles is really a playground for modern architecture. Architects like Whitney Sander and firms such as Lean Arch are free to live out their wildest architectural dreams, in this landscape of cracker shacks and mansions. The city has no defined architectural voice, so almost anything goes. Which in a city like L.A. with its plentiful deep pocket and creative home owners, can be a good thing.

The project: A counter-attack on the developer supplied housing stock where the norm for a single family residence is driven by the mentality that “bigger is better”, Kuhlhaus 01 redefines the prototype for housing in the Manhattan Beach area. Located on a half lot with a floor area of under 1800 SF, the three bedroom, three bath residence incorporates an open design with flexible living spaces to mitigate the smaller floor plates. Expanses of floor to ceiling glass provide breathtaking 270-degree views of the Pacific Ocean. The project also integrates a 2 KW array of photovoltaic modules that will supply 100% of the required electricity for the home.

kuhlhaus01 03 Manhattan Beach Eco Dream Pad

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Starck Struck | French Designer Turns Green

philippe starck 003 Starck Struck | French Designer Turns Green

The name of world famous French designer Philippe Starck first entered my lexicon back in 1999. I had just set foot inside the newly opened Starck-Schrager boutique hotel, St Martins Lane, and I was smitten. A combination of modern, baroque, minimalism, wit and irony, it was a design like I’d never seen before. Next came the lavishly luxurious Sanderson, which is best described as a “surreal Cocteau-like dreamworld”. Stateside, you’d already been spoilt by NYC’s Paramount, Miami’s Delano and LA’s Mondrian — but at that time in London, the Starck influence was epic.

Once on my radar, there was no stopping me. I greedily devoured everything Starck from the ambience of Cafe Costes in Paris and the stunning interiors of the Felix restaurant at the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong to the cult Juicy Salif he designed for Alessi.

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