Brick House IJburg

ijburg 01 Brick House IJburg

The 140 m2 house is located on a small plot in IJburg; a recently developed suburb of the city of Amsterdam. The house is designed as a vertical garden giving space to flora and fauna to grow in a densly urbanised area. Closed private spaces contrast with open collective spaces, that seem to have been ‘carved out’ from the solid volume as a continous transparent void. In this way the interior space is visually and physically connected to the street, the garden and roof terraces. Outdoor- and indoor spaces become one and natural daylight flows into the interior.

Three bedrooms, a small bathroom, WC and a ‘multipurpose hall’ are situated on the groundfloor whereas the first floor remains completely open for living, cooking and eating, flooded with daylight. The multipurpose hall on the groundfloor is much more than an enteryzone. It also functions as an artist studio, workdesk, laundrette and playground. Storage and service spaces are invisibly integrated in thick walls keeping the livingspaces as open, transparent and flexible as possible.

ijburg 02 Brick House IJburg

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Ecosystem in Peril | Lay Off Glacier National Park

glacier national park 002 Ecosystem in Peril | Lay Off Glacier National Park

Living in northwest Montana, this story is of particular interest to me. But the potential impacts are global and huge.. Since the 1970s, big coal and oil interests have been proposing to exploit new sites just north and west of Glacier National Park, a main focus of global warming. The area is one of the wildest places in North America and home to several endangered species, including grizzlies, lynx, and the near-extinct bull trout.

The most recent battle has been raging for nearly four years and has gone all the way to “W” himself, who, for a change, sided with conservationists. Cline Mining Corporation of Canada wants to extract over 40 million tons of coal over the next 20 years and BP wants to nose around the area looking for coalbed methane. The mines threaten to destroy both terrestrial habitat and the North Fork of the Flathead River, a Wild and Scenic River corridor that forms the western boundary of Glacier.

glacier national park 003 Ecosystem in Peril | Lay Off Glacier National Park

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