Electrobike Pi-E | Two-Wheeled Urban Transport

electrobike1 Electrobike Pi E | Two Wheeled Urban Transport

We are inching towards a two-wheeled urban future with several new electric bikes out there, and we can add the Pi-E to the mix. Electrobike actually offers several powered alternatives to the car, all of which sport the distinct Pi-series arched frame.

The Pi-E is powered by plug-in electric (not my favorite alternative) for local jaunts to the grocery store, park or just a little town cruise. It’s also freeway-legal for those who want to test their courage. All you need to do is add the optional gas engine and you’ve got yourself a little Prius-like hybrid. But beware, it looks like you just strapped on a weedeater engine. And although you can ride it on the highway, I’d feel a lot more comfortable on one of the bigger motorcycles available for about the same price.

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DIY Motorized Bikes For The “I Am Loosing My McMansion Crowd”

girl riding bike DIY Motorized Bikes For The I Am Loosing My McMansion Crowd

Come on, face it, if your reading this, you are most likely one of those humans, who snuck your ass into a McMansion loan, borrowed way way to much, with plans to flip that sucker. Now instead of flipping it, it’s flipping you, right into something called the Poor House! Hmm, am I right?

Your also most likely one of those office cubical grunts, who actually worked for the multi-national bloated mega banks who gave out all those worthless loans, to guys like yourself, hoping they could off load your dumbness to suckers like the bankers in Iceland. And to your bosses, you were just another number they needed to delete, so the big headed, speech vomiting U.S. Congress, would whip them out a tit, to enable them to suck the rest of us dry. I am so right, right? I thought so. So, now that you are bleeding red from every hole, you have to dump those blood sucking things you to be so smug about. Yes, I am talking about the Merc, the Bimmer, Ranger Rover, or what ever crotch stuffing device you bought to use as your vehicle.

It’s time to use that last $250 you found in the kids room to get yourself a vehicle that will set you free. Free from the pump. Free from looking cool ever again. Free from being able to pick up chicks who are endowed with perfect silicon breast. But most importantly free from ever having to shell out that gut twisting un-ending thing known as the monthly car payment. Now your cracking a smile, right!

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Intelligent Energy | ENV Motor Bike

env motor bike 01 Intelligent Energy | ENV Motor Bike

Intelligent Energy is set to revolutionize motorbike technology with its new ENV (Emission Neutral Vehicle) bike, the latest in a line of smarter new motorcycles that will be hitting the road soon. This thing looks like a souped up mountain bike, but there’s no need to pedal. It tops out at about 50 mph, and has range of about 100 miles – enough to get you to work and back pretty easily. Designed by award-winning British outfit, Seymourpowell, the bike looks easy to use. There are no gears, it has adequate suspension for offroad use and it just looks fun to drive.

Perhaps the greatest part of the design is the bike’s removable Core – a hydrogen-powered fuel cell that can be taken from the bike and used for electricity elsewhere. That’s right, Intelligent Energy is betting it all on the hydrogen future, and they seem uniquely positioned to re-shape the way the world thinks about power consumption with their motto “Clean power anywhere.”

env motor bike 02 Intelligent Energy | ENV Motor Bike

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The Concept EV Super / Bike Car The VentureOne

ventureone 01 The Concept EV Super / Bike Car The VentureOne

Venture Vehicles plans to initially offer two propulsion packages for the VentureOne: the hybrid E50 and Q100, and all-electric Venture EV model. Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP) will range from $18,000 for the E50, to $23,000 for the all-electric EV model with a wide range of accessories available for each. A Must See is the Carver in Action in a series of videos on the Venture Vehicles site, here is a direct link.

All three classes will incorporate the patented Dynamic Vehicle Control system, or DVC, developed by Carver Engineering, which allows the vehicle to tilt up to 45 side-to-side at a rate of 85 per second. For nearly thirteen years Carver Engineering B.V., a Netherlands-based engineering firm, has been developing Dynamic Vehicle Control, or DVC, technology in order to enable a new class of tilting three-wheeled vehicles. Originally conceived in 1994, DVC technology has gone through 18 different generations, and is now essentially perfected.

Carver Engineering was faced with the challenge of designing a slender vehicle that would not fall over, as most slim vehicles were prone. Their solution was to make the vehicle do what two-wheeled vehicles did, tilt when cornering.

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Commuting | Don’t Get Mad… Get Scooting!

ninjamonkey03skeuter Commuting | Don’t Get Mad... Get Scooting!

Okay, we’ve all felt the L.A. rage that happens when you round a corner or enter the freeway only to be met with gridlocked traffic. We’ve all wished we could see the other end of the city through the smog on a seemingly clear day. And over the last year, we’ve all been downright pissed off every time we pump half a day’s paycheck into our gas tanks in order to “buy in” to these problems.

I’d finally had enough. It was literally driving me mad to commute back and forth to work and my few favorite hobbies – all of which are fairly local – in my gasoline car. Even if it is a lovely, fuel efficient Subaru.

It all came to a head. I had to make a change. I wanted to become more “G”.

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