Smart Car Goes Electric In October … Ad Campaign Pure iPod

0 Smart Car Goes Electric In October ... Ad Campaign Pure iPod

Smart the little egg car that could, is adding a new type of engine to their cars, yes, a pure electric. Great news right? Well, yes and no for me. The only time I drive is when I trek back to L.A. or head out on a long trip, so all of the new electric cars rolling out really wont do me any good. I am holding out for a pure electric with a generator of some kind. Like the Chevy Volt, which is coming out soon. I hope it is going to be nice, less hmm how can I say this, less crappy than most of their cars. Plus, I hate the Chevy logo :( can’t they update that thing?

Back to the Smart Egg Car. If your a commuter and rock an iPod / iPhone, now this would be an amazing car for you. It has a range of 80 miles per charge, which should be plenty for most people. Plus it charges up from 20% to 80% in less than 3 hours. So, once you get to work you could always top it off. I haven’t see the pricing, but I am sure it wont be much more than their standard gas models, which are super cheap. Less than $20k for most models. Plus, with the Smart Car, you get the cool/fun factor, which the iPod style ad above seems to be screaming out who the target market is. The young ones, the cool ones, the ipod rocking, “G” living youth culture of the world. It’s about time products made for the “G” generation are finally here. More power to Smart Car, I hope they sell millions of them.

If you get one, send in your picts to G Living we would love to see them and hear about how you feel about pure electrics. Do they work for your lifestyle? Will you be buying one? What do you think of Chevy and the Volt or any of the new electrics rolling out?

smart electric car 01 Smart Car Goes Electric In October ... Ad Campaign Pure iPod

Li-ion Motors Hacked Mini Cooper Goes 120 miles Per Charge

mincooper convertible Li ion Motors Hacked Mini Cooper Goes 120 miles Per Charge

Let’s get something straight. I love the look of BMW’s Mini Cooper and would buy it in a second — if only it were a hybrid diesel or an all-electric car with interface fabric seats. Sadly BMW doesn’t make the Mini with any of these options, so I have held off and continue riding my bike.

Maybe that is all about to change. Companies like Li-ion Motors have begun hacking small cars like the Mini and replacing their gas engines with zero-emission, all-electric motors and lithium batteries. A great idea — if you can afford to pay almost twice the price for a “converted” Mini. Parts are expensive to do this one at a time. The only way the price will come down is if, BMW and other companies decide there is a real demand and they start producing them. After the jump, watch a short clip by Popular Mechanics featuring a test drive of the hacked, all-electric Mini Cooper. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

The Real G | Boise Goes On An Electric Car Date with Worm Tongue

When G Living told me I’d be cruising around with an actor named “Brad” in his electric car, I was like, “Whoa! I wonder if Angie and the kids’ll be in the back seat?”

“No,” they answered. “Not Brad Pitt. Brad Dourif.” I went to the Internet Movie Database to make sure I knew who they were talking about, and when I saw that the character actor had a amazingly diverse resume dating back to an Oscar-nominated performance in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, I was like, “Whoa! That’s even cooler than Brad Pitt!”

The ride was fun. And so was our chat, which extended far beyond movies and electric cars.

braddaurif002 The Real G | Boise Goes On An Electric Car Date with Worm Tongue Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

The Toyota i-Real Concept Vehicle

toyota i real 01 The Toyota i Real Concept Vehicle

In Toyota’s enduring attempt to improve mobility and facilitate the evolution of new and ever-evolving locomotion, here cometh the i-Real concept “car.” Toyota’s successor to the iUnit, this vehicle is a car in only the most basic sense of the word. If you define a car as having wheels, allowing the driver the ability to steer, and moving by facility of its own internal power source, then yes I suppose the i-Real could be construed as a car.

It is, however, the trippiest (I know the Websters people are having a conniption fit over that one) looking “car” I have ever seen.

According to the Toyota i-Real pitch, this is a car that wraps around your body, allowing you to zip through life with little encumbrance from mortal legs. I drive a Saturn around town and a Schwinn within a fifteen-mile radius of my house. And never in the purchasing of either vehicle did the idea of “lessening the encumbrance my mortal legs” enter the equation.

toyota i real 02 The Toyota i Real Concept Vehicle

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Over Priced Under Powered ELMOTO HR-2 Electric Scooter

elmoto hr2 02 Over Priced Under Powered ELMOTO HR 2 Electric Scooter

Before we get into the details, I would like to just say I think the ELMOTO H2 looks pretty cool. It has the fat tires, front and rear shocks all geared toward giving you a smooth safe ride. But the short distance between the seat and handle bars, seems like it wouldn’t put you in a comfortable position. But that is a minor issue. My real concern is the price vs power the bike delivers. Electric bikes which have pedals, don’t require the rider to have a license, but the governments tops their speed at 20 miles per hour. You can use the pedals to get over that cap. But bikes with no pedals, like this ELMOTO, does require a motorcycle license and can go at any speed it wants. So, when I saw the top speed was 30 miles an hour and the bike cost around $5k, I just didn’t see that value.

If you are going to make it a scooter or motorcycle, it needs to go much faster to make it worth the hassle and cost of getting a license and insurance.

I think I will stick with my A2B Ultra Motor Electric bike which cost only $2700 and goes 20 miles an hours. Plus no license or insurance required.

elmoto hr2 01 Over Priced Under Powered ELMOTO HR 2 Electric Scooter

More photos and videos of the bike after the jump.
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Electric Bike For The Girls / Sparta Ion Cityseat Pleasure Ride

sparta ion cityseat 03 Electric Bike For The Girls / Sparta Ion Cityseat Pleasure Ride

I am always on the look out for alternative ways to use electric motors. Big small used new, no matter, give me some electric between my legs and I am a happy monkie. Okay I stoled that line from a girl friend of mine, and she wasn’t talking about electric bikes. But she had never seen the Sparta Ion. An electric retro styled hybrid bike which would even make the coolest urban goth chick re-think their favorite electric appliance.

This hybrid electric / peddle bike with the retro details in all the right places, might just be my new favorite. Look at the back wheel with its wrap around mud guard and the clear protector over the chain. That is just screaming Portland, isn’t it. The only down side for the lazy among us, is that you have to peddle this thing. Yes, peddle an electric bike! I know, what the hell are they thinking. Don’t they know, only us lazy twig leg people are willing to fork over the big bucks to look like dorks in public. And dorks don’t want to peddle.

The Sparta used in a commercial

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New Electric Mini Uses Electric Motors In The Wheels

The Mini made by BMW has been hijacked by PML a British company which has transformed the popular micro sized gas car into a 900 Miles Per Gallon hybrid electric vehicle. PML version of the Mini replaces the standard engine with four of our electric wheels, a lithium polymer battery, a large ultra capacitor, a very small ICE with generator (so small it almost fits alongside the spare wheel), an energy management system and a sexy in-car display module.

The car has been designed to run for four hours of combined urban/extra urban driving, powered only by a battery and bank of ultra capacitors. The QED supports an all-electric range of 200-250 miles and has a total range of about 932 miles (1,500 km). Explains Martin Boughtwood, PML’s MD: “Until now, most electric vehicles have been little more than souped-up milk floats, limited by range and speed, with compromised performance.

electric bmw mini New Electric Mini Uses Electric Motors In The Wheels Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

AFS Trinity | Ultracapacitor Plug-In

afs trinity 01 AFS Trinity | Ultracapacitor Plug In

Looking for something interesting at the Detroit Auto Show? Don’t spend too much time, because there isn’t really anything new. Sure, there are hybrids, flex-fuels, and testosterone machines, but there’s nothing that people who care haven’t seen already.

There is however, a new-ish hybrid that changes the dynamic of hybrids, if only a tiny bit. The AFS Trinity is boasting 150 mpg from its XH 150. The difference between the Trinity and other hybrids: battery technology. Instead of charging batteries that discharge to the engine, the Trinity charges ultracapacitors that discharge to the engine quicker than traditional Lithium-ion batteries – so fast, in fact, that it will get you up to 90 mph on battery power alone. The Trinity can also go about 40 miles before the gas engine kicks in, making it a zero-emission vehicle for most commuters.

0 AFS Trinity | Ultracapacitor Plug In Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Mission One | 150 Miles An Hour Electric Demon

one mission electric motorcycle 01 Mission One | 150 Miles An Hour Electric Demon

What can I say, this Mission One Electric Bike really does kick my Ultramotor A2B Electric bikes ass. But I guess that isn’t really a fair comparison, because this electric bike really isn’t a bike, it’s more of a 150 mile electric monster, posing as a motorcycle. This thing even goes 150 miles without needing to be re-juiced. The bike showed up at the latest TED event, happening in Long Beach and is now all the buzz on the internet.

The bike was designed by a California start-up called Mission Motors, which has plans to build a limited run of 50 by next year at a price point of $69,000 each. I know what your thinking, if you take back your deposit on your long over due Tesla order, you could by two of these dream machines. Or better yet, if you get a bailout from the government, you can hold out for the Tesla and put a new deposit on a Mission One! Go for option two.

Why is it that all the sexy looking electric vehicles cost so freakin much? Can a simple electric motor and a few batteries really add up to $70K. If your not a bank CEO or a celebrity, you are just out of luck. The only electric vehicle most of us can even think of buying comes from Fisherprice, right?

one mission electric motorcycle 02 Mission One | 150 Miles An Hour Electric Demon

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Chrysler Jumps Over GM With Full Electric Cars

chrylser electric dodge ev 01 Chrysler Jumps Over GM With Full Electric Cars

So I wake up today to yet another American auto giant saying they will lead the “charge” to an electric vehicle future. This time it was the almost forgotten Chrysler company. The company which has brought us the American classics, such as the Jeep, the Dodge Viper and even the dull but popular PT Cruiser.

I personally would have never guessed Chrysler could wake up quick enough to jump over the new green startups such as Tesla and Aptera. Or catch up to the other majors such as GM their new Volt ev vehicle and or the market leader, Toyota with their hybrid lines. They seem to not only have been able to catch up but in many ways are in the process of passing all of these companies, by transforming their existing platforms into all electric or gas assist electric vehicles.

To prove this, Chrysler today rolled out their classic Jeep and Minivan Voyager in gas assist versions. They went with electric motors in the wheel hubs, giving the vehicles 40 mile range in pure electric mode and 400 miles with gas assist.

chrylser electric jeep 01 Chrysler Jumps Over GM With Full Electric Cars Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Nissan EVs To Hit US Roads in 2010

nissan ev 2010 Nissan EVs To Hit US Roads in 2010

Who killed the electric car? Well, anyone who watched Chris Paine’s documentary knows the answer to that: consumers, batteries, oil companies, car companies, the government and the California Air Resources Board. Now the new question is: Who’s bringing it back? Nissan.

The Japanese automaker has confirmed that it plans to sell electric vehicles in the US by the year 2010. According to Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn, “the move is largely motivated by stringent emissions legislation in California, lending an added impetus to existing research efforts into alternative energy sources”. The same technology will be used by partner Renault, whose cars will hitting the roads in Europe by 2012. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Fisker Karma | Electric Hybrid That Sounds Like a Jet Plane

fisker karma electric hybrid 01 Fisker Karma | Electric Hybrid That Sounds Like a Jet Plane

Remember when instant mashed potatoes arrived on the food scene? While not as delicious as fresh and homemade, they boasted a precious saving of prep time in the kitchen. The problem was lumps, which are inherent in the natural variety but were noticeably absent from the fake ones. So, in an effort to produce more a more realistic-seeming fake product, the manufacturers of instant mashed potatoes began adding lumps.

But they didn’t fool me. They were still instant mashed potatoes.

Henrik Fisker is now attempting a similar endeavor with his new plug-in/solar electric hybrid Karma sports car. The fast but environmentally responsible vehicle can travel 80 kilometers (50 miles) without relying on gas, which cuts down tremendously on emissions and our dependence on foreign oil. When battery power runs out, the engine utilizes a one-gallon fuel reserve to recharge the car. Nice.

fisker karma electric hybrid 03 Fisker Karma | Electric Hybrid That Sounds Like a Jet Plane

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