The Batman Super Electric Concept Car

nissan mixim02 The Batman Super Electric Concept Car

Electric Super Motor Batman Concept racing down your street, soon? Just like Boise (host of The Real G!), the rest of the monkies at G Living are looking for new types of vehicles to fulfill all of our transportation needs here in L.A. Now that isn’t as easy as it sounds. The current batch of greener type vehicles are not really that cutting edge, good looking or practical. There are a few that are coming close but nothing that just jumps out at us. So, whenever a new concept car comes out that might just become reality, we become very interested. Unfortunately, this Nissan concept Batman all electric car doesn’t sound like it will make it to the production line. We hope we’re wrong and Nissan takes going all electric serious and wows us with cool cars, which use super “G” electric coming straight from our studio’s roof. But as with many concept cars, this concept hints at future. The car is powered by two electric motors, front and rear, and uses lithium-ion batteries.

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Aptera Typ-1 to Begin Production in 2008

aptera forsale 01 Aptera Typ 1 to Begin Production in 2008

Those of you who dismissed the Aptera Typ-1 as a ridiculous-looking circus freak of a concept vehicle can now shut the hell up. This car of the future that got an astonishing 231 mpg on its first ever test drive and more resembled an airplane than a car with its odd shape, gulf-wing doors and three wheels is soon to become a reality.

The folks at Aptera are givers in the truest sense of the word. In order to push the Typ-1 out of the R&D (that’s research & design) phase and into the manufacturing phase, they’ve been (according to their newsletter) working late into the night, abusing caffeine and doing intensive fine-tuning in order to bring you a vehicle that’s not only funky looking, but as “safe, efficient and comfortable as possible.” Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Fiat’s Electric Delivery Truck

fiat doblo01 Fiats Electric Delivery Truck

You probably heard about Tom Hanks and his Scion eBox, the electric car he uses to help friends move. But he might want to check this out: Fiat has introduced an electric delivery truck that beats the eBox’s charge time.

Check out Tom’s Scion.

AltairNano, Aerovironment, Go Green Holding, and Micro-Vett have come together with Fiat to create the Dovolo, a station wagon sized delivery vehicle with a 5-person capacity. Recently tested in Norway and currently available only in Europe, the Dovolo can run a delivery route of up to 200 miles, only requiring three stops for an approximately 10 minute re-charge each time. Other electric cars on the market have a re-charge time of around 6 hours, but they’re not equipped with AltairNano’s fancy lithium ion packs.

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Hacked: Mini Cooper’s All-Electric Car

mincooper convertible Hacked:  Mini Coopers All Electric Car

Let’s get something straight. I love the look of BMW’s Mini Cooper and would buy it in a second — if only it were a hybrid diesel or an all-electric car with interface fabric seats. Sadly BMW doesn’t make the Mini with any of these options, so I have held off and continue riding my bike.

Maybe that is all about to change. Companies like Hybrid Technologies have begun hacking small cars like the Mini and replacing their gas engines with zero-emission, all-electric motors and lithium batteries. A great idea — if you can afford to pay almost twice the price for a “converted” Mini. Parts are expensive to do this one at a time. The only way the price will come down is if, BMW and other companies decide there is a real demand and they start producing them. After the jump, watch a short clip by Popular Mechanics featuring a test drive of the hacked, all-electric Mini Cooper. Continue Reading / See Additional Photos

Electric Motor Company Tesla Sues Fisker over Bad Karma

tesla sues fisker over karma 02 Electric Motor Company Tesla Sues Fisker over Bad Karma

In the case of advancing technology, it’s often said that great minds think alike. In other less fortunate cases, it’s alleged that the ideas of great minds are stolen by those not so great. That’s what Silicon Valley-based Tesla Motors claims happened with the trade secrets and design concept for their new hybrid sedan.

Green car fanatics have long been salivating over Tesla’s electric two-seater sports car, which has only recently become available in limited quantities. Up next on the production schedule is a four-door sedan, which, according to the New York Times has been code-named the White Star. It appeared to be smooth sailing for Tesla until from around the bend came news of the Fisker Karma sedan, which — like Tesla’s vehicle — is a “serial hybrid” powered by a battery that’s charged by a small gas engine.

tesla sues fisker over karma 01 Electric Motor Company Tesla Sues Fisker over Bad Karma

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Sidam Xnovo is the New MP3

sidam xnovo mp3 04 Sidam Xnovo is the New MP3

Call me traditional if you must, but I don’t get this new wave of non-cars coming out in both concept and production form. If you need to get from point A to point B and you want to do so in something small and zippy, buy a motorcycle. Or a scooter. Or even a bicycle. And if you’re not comfortable with a two-wheeler, get a car.

But to fork out over 12 grand for a three-wheeler that doesn’t even look safe to drive? Come on. Introducing the Sidam Xnovo.

sidam xnovo mp3 03 Sidam Xnovo is the New MP3

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The Concept EV Super / Bike Car The VentureOne

ventureone 01 The Concept EV Super / Bike Car The VentureOne

Venture Vehicles plans to initially offer two propulsion packages for the VentureOne: the hybrid E50 and Q100, and all-electric Venture EV model. Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP) will range from $18,000 for the E50, to $23,000 for the all-electric EV model with a wide range of accessories available for each. A Must See is the Carver in Action in a series of videos on the Venture Vehicles site, here is a direct link.

All three classes will incorporate the patented Dynamic Vehicle Control system, or DVC, developed by Carver Engineering, which allows the vehicle to tilt up to 45 side-to-side at a rate of 85 per second. For nearly thirteen years Carver Engineering B.V., a Netherlands-based engineering firm, has been developing Dynamic Vehicle Control, or DVC, technology in order to enable a new class of tilting three-wheeled vehicles. Originally conceived in 1994, DVC technology has gone through 18 different generations, and is now essentially perfected.

Carver Engineering was faced with the challenge of designing a slender vehicle that would not fall over, as most slim vehicles were prone. Their solution was to make the vehicle do what two-wheeled vehicles did, tilt when cornering.

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Are Stackable Electric Cars Every Going To Show Up In Our Cities?

stackingev01 Are Stackable Electric Cars Every Going To Show Up In Our Cities?

Researchers at the MIT Media Lab envision a fleet of lightweight stackable electric cars that can help reduce congestion and urban energy waste.

It’s called the City Car, and the key to the concept lies in the design of its wheels. Dreamers have been reinventing the wheel since the days of cave dwellers. But the work underway in “the Cube,” the Media Lab’s basement studio, may be the most ambitious remake yet. And under the hood well, there won’t be a hood on the City Car. Just an eggshell-shaped glass plate — part roof, part windshield — framing the modular cabin and stretching almost to the chassis.

“We’re eliminating the internal combustion engine,” said Media Lab research assistant Ryan Chin , studio coordinator for City Cars.  He said the four electric motors will enable a more efficient use of power by also dispensing with the transmission and driveline. “We’re removing as much hardware from the car as possible.” In its place will be software that sets passenger preferences, changes the color of the cabin, controls the dashboard look and feel, and even directs drivers to parking spaces. “We think of the car as a big mobile computer with wheels on it,” Chin said.  “This car should have a lot of computational power.  It should know where the potholes are.”

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Popular Mechanics Aptera Test Drive

aptera01 Popular Mechanics Aptera Test Drive

The car of the future finally rolled out at this year’s TED conference, and wow, it looks like the future has arrived. For those of us who are looking to decrease our dependence on foreign oil and lower our carbon footprints, the Aptera may likely become our new standard. It was launched from the business incubator Idealab and has received quite a bit of attention due to its fuel efficiency, affordability, and design.

Popular Mechanics takes the new Aptera’s Super-MPG Electric Typ-1 e for a test drive. Plus a detail look at the making of the incredible vehicle.
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